#1 Korean Sheet Mask Subscription Now Offers Monthly Solution for Maskne

FULLERTON, Calif., Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In 2016, FaceTory began providing subscription boxes that offer consumers novelty sheet masks and skincare from Korea, the skincare capital of the world. Since then, the brand has developed their in-brand line, the FaceTory Collection. Backed by Korean skincare manufacturers and armed with feedback from American consumers, they have now been releasing more products that bridge the two—creating affordable and effective products that address the most common skin concerns. With their history of successful subscriptions, FaceTory now offers subscriptions for their ever-growing skincare catalog with the most popular of their current releases being the Spot Fighter Blemish Patches.

Spot Fighter Blemish Patches come in AM and PM versions. These Hydrocolloid patches target acne and breakouts by protecting the blemish from further irritation and extracting whiteheads within a few hours. Nikki Sabate, Jr. Copywriter at FaceTory, shares, "Maskne is a problem that seems to be staying long term and pimple patches are perfect for addressing this issue. After trying different patches ourselves, we knew immediately what would be needed for Spot Fighter to not only stand out but to also work efficiently for our customers who lead very busy lives."

"With the number of skincare products available in the market, it can get confusing and downright frustrating to fix acne," Michele Datu, E-commerce Specialist, states. "People think there’s not enough time and money in the world to find the perfect fit. But FaceTory’s Spot Fighter actually does the job at an affordable price! With each patch in the subscription costing around $0.11 each, it is the most affordable pimple patch in the market. Our customers get the convenience of having these emergency acne treatments and never running out! We knew making this item an option for subscription was a must after seeing how convenient and preferred they are for those who are continuing to repurchase the same product. The Spot Fighter Duo Subscription gives you your money’s worth! Right now, you get your first month free and all you have to pay for is shipping!"

FaceTory created 2 versions for their pimple patches: an AM and PM. Each with over 70 patches and 2 different sizes. The AM version features beveled and ingredient-infused patches that are long-lasting and can also camouflage under makeup, making it easier to wear on the go while still protecting the pimple. The PM version is 100% Hydrocolloid, thicker, and non-beveled for a more effective extraction overnight.

For a limited time, The Spot Fighter Duo Subscription is free for the first month and contains 150 pimple patches, with shipping costs at only $3.95!

About FaceTory:

FaceTory was founded in the U.S in 2016. Powered by skincare lovers, the Korean- American skincare company understands that not all skin is the same and every face has a different story. FaceTory centers itself on creating clean, solutional, and affordable products to fit into any routine. Standing by the philosophy that skincare should be approachable and functional, FaceTory’s products are highly researched, tested, and loved so that they can confidently recommend them to loved ones, especially the FaceTory Fam!


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