2024 Garage Living Trends: 3 Ways to Bring the New Year’s Popular Interior Designs to Your Garage

TORONTO, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Most homeowners think a garage is exempt from trends in interior design. Not so, according to the professional garage designers at Garage Living, who have seen an uptick in customers turning their garages into secondary living spaces. They have released three recommendations on how you can apply the latest trends in interior design to your garage in 2024.

1. Holistic Design
This trend is about assessing the activities you and your family do in the home and designing your spaces to match them. That could mean adding a home office or a craft corner to your garage and, for others, adding a mud room or a sitting area to binge-watch your favorite TV shows. One homeowner in Atlanta even recently opted for all of the above.

2. Blended Storage
More designers are implementing hidden or blended storage into homes to provide a clean, clutter-free look. Garage Living often installs a hinged horizontal cabinet door that allows you to mount a flat-screen TV. This means you can watch TV and easily lift the door to access your hidden video game equipment. Some people use blended storage to conceal functional items in their garages, like free weights or a hidden coffee bar.

3. Biophilic Design
Simply put, the biophilic design trend brings the outside world inside. For Garage Living’s Chicago franchisee, that has meant a recent increase in garage renovations where homeowners ask for a customized space to house their outdoor plants in the winter. Many homeowners aim to take advantage of as much natural light as they can in their garage by installing windows or glass garage doors.

By following these recommendations, Garage Living’s co-founder and president at franchise systems, Aaron Cash, says, “Your garage can become a well-designed, multi-functional space that reflects your style while staying on-trend with the 2024 interior design concepts.”

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SOURCE Garage Living