A Divine Message to the World, First Received During the Dark Days of WWII – Translator Nick Mezins Releases New Edition of Multivolume Spiritual Series: ‘The Book of Tidings of The Almighty and His Spirits to Humanity’

LOS ALAMOS, N.M., Aug. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Retired Army engineer and translator Nick Mezins announced a new translation of Volume 1 ‘The Book of Tidings of The Almighty and His Spirits to Humanity’ of its multivolume spiritual series collectively known as: "The Tidings." Originally received in mid-1943—while German and Russian forces battled for supremacy in war-torn Latvia— "The Tidings" is a series of direct conversations from a group of angelic beings that help illuminate the deepest mysteries of existence. Saved from the ravages of war—the Nazis’ iron chains in WW II, and smuggled out of Europe by a group of "channelers" named the Heralds.

"The Tidings" continued to be received and transcribed until 1971. Among the six volumes, Volume 1 ‘The Book of Tidings of The Almighty and His Spirits to Humanity’ is presented in a new English translation. All six volumes are available for purchase via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

"These Tidings speak in man’s language in people’s words, and operate with concepts that are understandable to man. Not only do they strive to teach man, but also to stimulate him to think and to comprehend the beauty of the world…" – from "The Tidings"

Synopsis: From an Interview with Translator Nick Mezins

Why was the universe created? Why is there intelligent life here on Earth, and how does humanity fit into the development of the cosmos? How do the material and the spirit world intermingle? And what does The Creator expect from humanity? These are just a few questions explored in "The Tidings."

Is this information esoteric or difficult to digest? "…No, the information is not esoteric at all. Neither is it Gnosticism … so far not many people are aware of this information, [but it] challenges some commonly accepted beliefs [that] are incorrect or misinterpreted…’

Where did this information come from? "…the series is not of human origin; it has not been thought of by a human mind. The information came from The Almighty’s and from God’s spirits. These spirits conversed with a small group of people, my parents among them, over a period of some thirty years. I inherited this and have translated and published what I felt was the more important of the information received" … "The conversations were written down longhand. This was later typed – several copies being made – with carbon paper … What I have are my parents’ carbon copies of the typed material … though the spirits themselves have indicated on several occasions that the method, or technique, of receiving the information is not important – the contents of the information is what is important…"

What would you consider a core message of "The Tidings" to be? "…I think that would be the concept of ‘free will’ … each individual deciding on his or her own, not necessarily following the thinking or teaching of experts or figures of authority … Thousands of years have passed, and man’s science has achieved a level where much is understood and known. The man of today is capable of understanding concepts that previous man could not. Therefore, The Creator has revealed much that was previously unknown [and this] series presents new information, and some of the old, in light of modern science and understanding. It is worth reading to learn the FULL truth…"

For more detailed information, read the full interview transcript at https://authorsnote360.com/projects/.

About Nick Mezins

Born in Latvia in 1936 and immigrating to the U.S. in 1950, Nick Mezins earned a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering before receiving a commission in the Regular Army. After serving eleven years on active duty, including three years in Vietnam, Nick returned home and worked for a coal mining company while earning an M.S. in Engineering in 1973 – eventually becoming a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve with a distinguished career at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. Since his retirement, he has since dedicated himself to publishing and preserving "The Tidings" for future readers to ponder.

For more info, visit "The Tidings" online at: http://supplementology.org/.

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