A Family Dog Named Scar is Curious, Mischievous…and a Little Impatient for Some Tasty Thanksgiving Fare in This Delightful Picture Book

Just in time for the holiday!

PASSAIC, N.J., Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A bit of nostalgia is on the way with a new picture book by author Vida Fernández, celebrating a special holiday and a beloved family pet. In Scar’s Thanksgiving, Scar is a lovable and precocious Rottweiler who lives with his familia and learns about gratitude…and the deliciousness of holiday pork. 

Something scrumptious in the air at Scar’s home with Big Gladys and Vida. What could it be? It reminds Scar of something festive but he knows it’s not Christmas yet. What did Big Gladys put in the oven so early in the morning? Scar’s tummy is rumbling and he just can’t wait to find out what the irresistible aroma is. When he wakes up a sleepy Vida, the girl explains that it’s Thanksgiving and it’s the pernil that Mami seasoned that they smell. It’s not long before the house is filled with visitors, a table of food, gratitude for familia…and a big pork bone for Scar, of course.

Reminiscent of favorite classics including Alexandra Day’s Good Dog, Carl and Don Freeman’s Corduroy, families and educators of young children will welcome this heartwarming Thanksgiving story of family and gratitude, sprinkled with a bit of latino flair. Fernández’s gentle storytelling complemented by beautiful painterly illustrations by Shelby Faircloth make for a wonderful holiday read-aloud to return to again and again. Scar’s Thanksgiving is the second title in the Misadventures of Scar Fernández picture book series which debuted with Dog Letter.

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