AI-Powered Gaming Platform Skillprint Launches Science-Backed Game Ratings to Match Players with Mood and Skill-Based Games

OAKLAND, Calif., March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, science-backed AI powered gaming platform Skillprint announced the launch of new ratings for games based on a first-of-its-kind pairing of neuroscience research and machine learning. Skillprint’s ratings consider a number of criteria, evaluating games for their effect on a person’s mind, mood and unique skills to match individuals with the best games for them.

Founded in 2019 by gaming industry heavyweights Chethan Ramachandran and Davin Miyoshi, the San Francisco Bay area based start-up was born out of a desire to see games used for a greater purpose and help people feel better through gameplay. The founders bring a unique vision and expertise to the opportunity; Ramachandran previously founded Playnomics, a predictive analytics company sold to Unity in 2014 now processing 1.5 billion devices monthly as Unity Analytics. Miyoshi founded Mesmo, a social/mobile games company sold to GSN, and co-founded GSN Games to 75M+ users.

Ramachandran and Miyoshi have turned their talents to exploring the intersection between gaming and cognitive science. Skillprint uses powerful AI technology and builds on years of cognitive science research to study how people play games and glean unique insights into an individual’s personality traits, skills and mindset. The platform now offers unique game ratings, analyzing 135 separate game characteristics to rate games for skills assessment and mood, matching users with personalized game recommendations. Skillprint rates the 40+ games on its own platform at, and rates and ranks existing third party mobile games. The company plans to scale its consumer offering for game players and work with game developers to help them find the right players for their games.

Co-founder Chethan Ramachandran said; “Mobile gaming sometimes gets a bad rap, but people often ignore the many and varied benefits of gaming. For years, scientists have used games to test people’s cognitive abilities, learning more about how the mind works; many studies show the clinical benefits of using games to reduce stress amongst military personnel.

It’s very hard to understand how your own mind works – people spend their whole lives trying to figure this out. Who doesn’t want to know more about who they are and feel better? Our hypothesis is that games can do both. We’re blending leading AI with cognitive science best practices, and building a personalized path for each of our users to help them learn more about themselves and shift their moods with games.”

To date, Skillprint has raised $3.5m in previously unannounced pre-seed funding from leading investors at the intersection of games, cognitive science, and human potential. Investors include Shanda Ventures, LearnStart, Niremia Collective, and a number of private individuals with decades of experience and clout in the gaming world.

With a growing monthly user base and 40+ curated games already available on its platform, the company captures and analyzes an average of 1,200 events per active user to predict personality traits and skills.

SOURCE Skillprint