Altitude Keeps Its Customers Flying High

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Altitude was created by a group of jet pilots that needed a solution to long shifts and jittery, over-caffeinated hands. The resulting tonic that they created is an all-natural energy alternative that has found resounding success in Europe and is already heading across the pond to U.S. markets.

Energy drinks are too often associated with terrible ingredients, synthetic substances, and of course, horrible crashes. The ups and downs of energy drink consumption naturally make them a dicey proposition for anyone trying to stay awake during a long work shift — especially if they’re doing something dangerous, like flying a plane.

Nearly two decades ago, a group of jet pilots gathered together to finally find a solution to their shared energy-deficient woes. They founded the startup PilotsFriend, hired doctors and nutritionists, and ultimately came up with a drink that served as a delectable solution to a chronic issue.

The concoction was formulated on a few key principles. It needed to be all-natural, it needed to provide a decent pick-me-up, and it needed to avoid the all-too-common crash associated with energy-boosting beverages.

The product is called Altitude (although it’s known by the brand name PilotsFriend in Europe.) The drink came through on all three objectives with aplomb. It’s organic, GMO-free, and vegan. It avoids synthetics like aspartame and taurine and even lacks artificial flavors and preservatives.

Instead, Altitude opts for all-natural ingredients, using herbs, fruits, and other natural products to provide a steady, long-lasting caffeine kick. This caffeine is provided in moderate, healthy quantities that don’t lead to an energy spike or a sudden drop-off in its potency.

The drink is presented in a convenient 150ml (5 oz) can that is perfect for the brand’s target audience of busy-yet-health-conscious professionals that, among other things, “enjoy travel and the finer things in life” and cultivate “a refined palate.”

The energy-boosting fruit tonic has been a smash hit with professionals throughout Europe over the course of the past decade. Recently, the brand has prepared to dive into the North American market as well, where a host of energy-impaired professionals await with open arms.

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