Amazon Live Influencers, Randal Constant with Special-Needs Son Calvin, Sail Past 75,000 Followers on LinkedIn – While Earning Over 3 Million Views on Popular Food and Product Trends Daily Livestream Show

METAIRIE, La., Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Randal Constant, known across the web as the LinkedIn Food Guy, recently announced that his popular Amazon Live show had surpassed three million views. Constant originally gained fame as a popular LinkedIn contributor, amassing over 75,000 followers who followed the course of his long career as a restaurant and food distribution expert. Constant worked for decades in the food industry before transitioning to online work as a way to supplement his income and take care of his handicapped son, Calvin, who lives with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and developmental delays. Recently featured in a local news story by WDSU in New Orleans, Calvin is a frequent contributor to Randal’s live streams.

Speaking about his show and the partnership with his son, Randal commented:

"I would never have guessed that I’d be 61-year-old digital influencer with a thriving online following. But it’s amazing where life will take you. I got my start decades ago, working for the food industry for 45 years – pounding the pavement across the country to connect distributors and customers. It’s no boast when I say that I was pivotal in some of these companies becoming larger, national food brands. And over the years, I’ve made a lot of connections. But I’ve also learned a lot about food and what makes a compelling product. So doing online reviews was a natural evolution and a good fit, especially when I had to stay home and provide for my son. It started on LinkedIn, where I began to build a large fanbase, and has since moved to Amazon Live."

"Calvin is a great addition to the show – he makes it special for a lot of viewers. They want to know what he likes, which foods he enjoys. And he has his own opinions of course, so we go back and forth discussing various foods and products. Although we’re often talking about national brands, our real love is promoting small, local businesses. The products and eateries of places like New Orleans are absolutely unparalleled – you can’t find food like this anywhere else in the world. So I give as many shoutouts as I can to the local businesses – trying to give them some exposure. We also talk about popular services: for example, my first show featured how I lost 51 pounds in 17 weeks using a Fitbit watch."

When asked about the future of the food industry and online shopping, Randal observed:

"Everyone is moving online and I think eventually, most physical stores will move in the direction of increasing online sales as more people demand it. So you have to move with that – you have to change. People have a real hunger for watching reviews of new products and they especially want to hear from real folks like me and Calvin. Sometimes we’ll just go to the store and pick something out, take it home, and livestream about it. People can watch us actually try something we just bought from the grocery. The whole show is a wonderful way for me to work, make a living, and take care of Calvin. I can put my expertise and enthusiasm for food to work, helping other people discover new products they might never have tried before. Right now, we’re in the middle of early Black Friday, so it’s super busy here. We also have a lot of fun on the show too – it’s not scripted, so you never know what direction we’re going to take, or what contests we’ll have. Stop by and follow us on Amazon Live!"

Check out Randal Constant’s Amazon Livestream, airing nearly every day around 5:55 p.m. Central Time. Go online to view his past shows, read his blog, and browse his Amazon Store, featuring many of the items he discusses on the show. And follow Randal Constant on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube.  

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