Ameera Modest Wear Launches Online Store

HOLLAND LANDING, ON, Aug. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ameera Modest Wear is excited to announce the launch of their new online clothing store. The upcoming store launch will feature beautiful apparel crafted to meet the needs of young women looking for classy clothing at competitive prices. From long skirts to flowy tops and maxi dresses, there’s something for everyone! Ameera Modest Wear hopes to provide women with more options than ever before when it comes to dressing fashionably while staying modest.

With each item they craft, Ameera Modest Wear focuses on their original goal — empowering women. Founder Tahira Batool shares, "Living in the West as a hijab-wearing female, I always desired for there to be a way to marry the modest-wearing principles of my faith with Western fashion." This spark of inspiration has led to one-of-a-kind garments that make modest clothing more widely available, fashionable, and affordable for women.

For shoppers searching for a refreshing clothing brand that prioritizes graceful selections, the wait is over! Featured in Ameera Modest Wear’s launch are modern and tasteful pieces designed to transform any woman’s wardrobe. Clothing made for women, by women has set a new standard in the fashion industry for flattering pieces that allow every unique woman to express herself and feel at ease in her daily attire.

Finding affordable clothing options does not mean women need to sacrifice on quality. Ameera Modest Wear’s new clothing store will offer garments that are fairly priced and made with the utmost attention to detail. All of the items in the launch are original designs, with countless hours of research and sketching invested to bring the beautiful looks to life. Women can find new ways to express themselves with a versatile selection of pants, maxi skirts and dresses, vests, and more. Ameera Modest Wear’s innovative designs will help women access clothing that hits all of the marks when it comes to trends, while staying true to a reserved style.

Ameera Modest Wear stays up to date on the latest fashion motifs to create looks that shoppers will love! They work with top designers throughout every step of the process to bring their visions of specialty clothing for women to life. After the original designs are drafted, the production process is thoroughly inspected to ensure each item meets Ameera Modest Wear’s unparalleled standards of quality. From the design conception to the moment the package arrives, customers can trust that they are receiving the best items possible and excellent customer service.

At Ameera Modest Wear, one will always find a great selection of modest clothing that’s ethically made and originally designed. Learn more at 

About Ameera Modest Wear 

Ameera Modest Wear was founded by a registered nurse who sought to express herself through clothing. She was struggling to find reserved options that appealed to her personal style and were comfortable enough for everyday wear. As a result, she began to create original ideas and work with designers to make modest clothing that is chic and classy for women who wish to stay true to their values.

Farra Lanzer

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