Anker Innovations Enters Its Second Curve with North American Launch of its Full-Service eCommerce Solution, Oceanwing

SEATTLE, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Anker Innovations, announced today that it has launched its subsidiary company, Oceanwing in North America. Oceanwing is a full-service provider of eCommerce solutions and operational optimization tools for retail brands on Amazon Marketplace.

As Anker Innovations approaches its ten-year anniversary, businesses, brands, and manufacturers worldwide seek to accomplish that same level of success. Oceanwing helps facilitate this by sharing proven models and methods developed in the eCommerce space over the past decade with fresh perspectives.

Globally, Oceanwing has already helped several brands become top sector sellers on Amazon including AmorePacific Group, DONGINBI, and TCL. The expansion into North America has seen similar early success with consumer brands such as Vital Proteins.

"Anker Innovations has ten years of eCommerce business and brand building knowledge and experience while operating as an individual team with full data independence," said Dongping Zhao, President of Anker Innovations. "Oceanwing signifies the culmination of that experience with eCommerce advertising, marketing, customer service, logistics, and strategy diagnostics. Our aim is to offer other eCommerce businesses these skills, lessons, and insights to ultimately help them see the same successes we have seen over the past decade."

"In the past twenty years, the hyper-speed of eCommerce growth has fostered and cultivated numerous experts in digital awareness and high-quality products poised for huge growth in the worldwide online market space," said Joe Wu, General Manager, Oceanwing. "Oceanwing is committed to delivering crucial tools and services to high growth consumer brands operating on Amazon Marketplace so that they can achieve their full growth potential and expand globally. The challenge for these companies is that they don’t necessarily know how to continue scaling up to a comprehensive eCommerce success and overcome the difficulties that come with scalable growth. Oceanwing is designed to be that end-to-end solution."

The core services Oceanwing offer include:

  • Branding and Digital Marketing – A bespoke diagnostic of a retailer’s current digital advertising and marketing set up on Amazon marketplace and non-Amazon sites, coupled with strategic and personalized insight on what tools and service plans would be most beneficial to increase sales.
  • Amazon Advertising Management – Insights into Amazon advertising, deal timelines and consumer purchasing trends to assist customers in optimizing traffic to their product pages on Amazon Marketplace.
  • Brand Store & Product Page Design – Unique and personalized content designs based on data from consumer surveys and analytics from the Anker retail system to increase brand awareness and sales conversion.
  • Customer Service & Relationship Management – Customers benefit from the Anker CRM system and a Voice of Customer (VOC) service that acts as a continuous source of innovation for product improvements through customer feedback.
  • E-commerce Centric Financial Services – A group of holistic financial tools and products that match specific needs from fast-growing eCommerce companies, including cross-border financial settlements and supply chain finances.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management – The service includes easy eCommerce inventory management with a global supply chain network that covers all 8 key Amazon markets across 11 countries.
  • Market Insights & Analytics – Comprehensive category reporting that tracks over 700,000 data points on key demographics to provide insights into a targeted niche market, identify the next vertical trends and increase sales conversion percentages.

Oceanwing has already begun working with several North American consumer brands including Vital Proteins.

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About Anker Innovations:

Anker Innovations is a global leader in charging technology and a developer of unique, consumer electronic products that support premium audio, mobile entertainment and the emerging smart home space. This innovation is being led by its four key brands: Anker, Eufy, Nebula and Soundcore. More information about Anker Innovations, its brands and products can be found at

About Oceanwing:

Oceanwing is a full-service provider of commerce solutions and an Amazon Advertising Partner. Launched by the world’s leading intelligent hardware product company, Anker Innovations, Oceanwing utilizes the successful growth formula that quickly led its parent company to become the world’s largest seller on Amazon. The company dedicates itself to providing essential services to advance eCommerce while mining the potential growth for consumer brands. Oceanwing provides full-cycle account management services for integrated Amazon optimization including market insights and monitoring, store branding and product page design, sales operations, brand and digital marketing, customer service and relationship management, logistics and warehouse management. For more information, please visit

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