Arctic Blue Offers a Truly Non-Fishy Fish Oil

The Dutch Brand’s Impeccable Standards Ensure that Its Fresh Oil Doesn’t Come with a Side of Smelliness… or Those Fishy Burps

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The natural health benefits of oily fish have been a staple subject in health food circles for years now. “Fish oil is a dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids,” explains Mayo Clinic, adding that “Omega-3 fatty acids are derived from food. They can’t be manufactured in the body.” Healthline details that fish oil may support everything from heart and eye health to improving brain function, reduced liver fat, and healthy skin.

The health site adds that while getting Omega-3s straight from the source (i.e., fish) is excellent, taking fish oil supplements is a good alternative. Despite this, the issue for many consumers isn’t understanding the importance of fish oil. It remains the activity of taking the supplements themselves.

Most people assume that the aftertaste, burps, and unpleasant “fishy smell” that shows up after ingestion are simply part of the fish oil experience. However, Ludo van de Wiel, founder of the Dutch fish oil brand Arctic Blue, challenges that notion.

“The concept that fish oil supplements will always smell fishy isn’t true,” the fish oil entrepreneur declares. “That simply isn’t normal — or it shouldn’t be.” Van de Wiel goes on to explain that when a supplement smells like fish, it’s because the sensitive unsaturated Omega-3 fats have become damaged. “When the oil is improperly processed,” he says, “the oil oxidizes, which creates the unpleasant deviation in the taste.”

In contrast to the common fish oil experience, Van de Wiel’s Arctic Blue fish oil supplements proudly claim to not only be neutral but to sport a good taste and pleasant consumption experience. This comes from an elite, know-how manufacturing process that doesn’t allow time or conditions for excessive oxidization. Along with this positive attribute, the range of popular Omega-3 fish oil supplements are vegan and come in multiple formats, including capsules, liquids, and gummies. Some products are even fortified with additional vitamin D.

Taking supplements should never be an unpleasant experience. Arctic Blue’s elite, sustainable production method ensures that this is never the case.

About Arctic Blue

Arctic Blue is a Dutch brand that was created in 2015 by Ludo van de Wiel and operates out of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The founder and CEO is a fish oil expert with a master’s degree in biotechnology from the renowned Dutch Wageningen University (an elite institution that focuses on health, nutrition, and agricultural studies). As a father of three, Van de Wiel wished to find a clean fish oil that could nourish his family without everyone struggling to swallow it in the first place. Arctic Blue is the realization of that wish. The brand’s fish oils have an agreeable flavor profile and are sourced from the Arctic (Norway and Alaska) along with algae-based vegan alternatives, marine collagen, and other related products. Learn more at

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