As Holiday Hiring Season Kicks into High Gear, Labor Connect Supports Seasonal Staffing Needs with a Robust Recruiting Platform

MARTINSBURG, W. Va., Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As the busiest recruiting season of the year gets under way, Labor Connect’s recruiting tools are helping companies in Construction, Manufacturing, Restaurant/Hospitality, Retail, Truck Driving, Warehousing and more to find and evaluate talent twice as fast as traditional recruiting methods alone, like job boards and social recruiting, the company announced today

"At Labor Connect, we’ve built a comprehensive platform to give recruiters looking to fill seasonal positions the features they need to find, interview, and hire talent as efficiently as possible," stated Jonathan Workman, director of recruitment services. "With our platform, recruiters can participate in virtual job fairs and run all communications privately to interview and hire talent with ease."

With companies experiencing hiring surges up to 120% for holiday season needs, Labor Connect focuses on serving as the go-to recruiting service for companies with immediate hiring needs. Within their "easy-to-use" platform, companies looking for seasonal workers for the September through December timeframe can utilize unique talent outreach strategies like creative virtual hiring events to find and hire talent in as little as one day.

Some of the platform’s core features include:

  • Video Interviewing/Chat – With no app installations or software downloads, it’s never been easier to interview candidates on any device.
  • Two-way Texting – Stay in touch with prospective candidates via text messaging through the platform. This feature uses a local number assigned only to you.
  • Interview Scheduling – Schedule an interview with candidates over the phone, in person, or via a video call and our scheduling program will notify them immediately and will follow up with reminders prior to the meeting.
  • Team Collaboration – Our platform allows your hiring team to post and view the notes, text messages and scheduled interviews that other team members have posted for candidates.
  • Text-to-Hire – With unique text-to-hire campaigns, candidates can text a code to apply to work at your company.
  • Talent outreach – The Labor Connect recruiting team collaborates on each client case, helping to schedule interviews, stay in contact with candidates, and even conduct interviews.
  • Local Advertising – Labor Connect uses proprietary techniques to get the word out about your open positions. This includes billboard advertising, yard signs, press releases, radio and TV ads, and social media posts. We can connect text-to-hire features to any of these advertising methods.

View all features of Labor Connect.

In addition to the features outlined above, Labor Connect has hosted over 150 successful virtual hiring events, helping many different organizations find their ideal candidates quickly.

About Labor Connect
Labor Connect is an all-in-one leading provider of recruiting and outreach services designed to help with even the most demanding staffing needs. With a full suite of features such as video interviewing, virtual job fairs and more, our platform helps seasonal companies quickly find the right candidates for a variety of industries. Learn more at

Jonathan Workman

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