Authors Battle Covid and Cancer to Write their First Mystery Novel

OKLAHOMA CITY, April 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — While others were living in isolation and staving off boredom by binge-watching Tiger King during the quarantine, two life-long friends, Ron Cisneros (Edmond, OK) and Michael Padjen (Greensboro, NC), decided to do something they had never attempted. Since traveling was out of the question, Ron and Mike decided to create their own excitement for mystery and global intrigue by writing a book. 

The miles between them didn’t matter. Nor did Mike’s battle with Multiple Myeloma, who chronicled his arduous journey in an impressive blog. Recognizing his friend’s talent, Ron, who had already started writing the story, sent his first chapter to Mike to read and a challenge for him to write the second chapter. 

Mike accepted the challenge and sent the second chapter to Ron about a week later – taking the story in an unexpected direction. That’s when the volleying took on momentum. Ron wrote the next chapter and sent it to Mike. This relay continued for months until they finally agreed that they needed to have daily conversations discussing the characters and where to take their story. 

Nine months later, the result was “Untruthful Speech, A Nick Griego Story,” a fictional thriller about the theft of a genetically engineered super coronavirus vaccine designed to stop natural or human-made viruses from spreading in one part of the world while increasing in another. The story is taken out of today’s headlines, with Bar Harbor, Maine, Bangkok, Thailand, and Shanghai, China as the backdrops. 

It was an excellent project for the two to reconnect. Originally hailing from Midvale, a small town in Utah, the pals graduated from Hillcrest High School. After that, life took them in different directions. Ron ended up in Oklahoma, where he attended the University of Central Oklahoma and Mike in North Carolina after graduating from The University of Utah. These old friends, with their vastly different careers, will be able to provide an interesting response to the question, “What did you do during the pandemic?”

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