Back by Popular Demand: Iconic Candy Announces the Return of Bubble Jug®, a Tribute to ’90s Kids Everywhere

NEW YORK, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — After two decades off retail shelves, Iconic Candy, renowned for its revival of nostalgic candy brands and the successful relaunch of Creme Savers®, proudly announces the return of Bubble Jug®. This iconic novelty bubble gum, beloved for its distinctive powder-to-gum transformation, heralds the start of an exciting series of revivals, bringing back the treasured nostalgia of the ’90s.

In today’s experience-driven world, Iconic Candy does more than just bring back a fan-favorite candy; it’s revitalizing an entire era in confections. “The iconic pink jug of Bubble Jug is more than just packaging; it’s a symbol engraved in the memories of ’90s kids everywhere” said Kim Wiesen, CFO of Iconic Candy. “We’re excited to reintroduce this beloved design, offering a tangible piece of nostalgia that fans can hold in their hands once again. The relaunch of Bubble Jug, on the heels of our Creme Savers success, highlights our commitment to blending the best parts of the past, with the present-day trends. It’s about celebrating those nostalgic moments while making new memories.”

This relaunch spotlights the original and widely adored Tropical Fruit flavor, with plans to unveil new flavors and sour variations in the future. Iconic Candy is inviting the consumers to engage in the conversation on their social media platforms @iconiccandy_ to choose the next flavors to be released. Consumer input will be the driving force in the next chapter of Bubble Jug’s journey so make sure to get involved!

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store will offer an early release of Bubble Jug starting April 5th, making it available in all its locations nationwide. This unique launch offers Cracker Barrel guests the chance to be among the first to experience the nostalgia and joy of Bubble Jug before its broader availability.

Following this early release at Cracker Barrel, Bubble Jug will be widely accessible at select retailers and online, allowing everyone to partake in this revival. Iconic Candy is also planning a series of launch events and partnerships to commemorate Bubble Jug’s return.

As Bubble Jug reclaims its place in the hearts of candy lovers, it’s just the vanguard of a full parade of cherished classics set to return. In the coming months, prepare to welcome back the sour punch of Squeeze Pop, the playful fun of Ouch!® Bubble Gum, and the refreshingly unique Clark’s® Teaberry®. Get ready for a deliciously diverse collection that promises to delight every palate and consumer.


Iconic Candy is a family owned and operated candy company that is committed to the revival and reinvention of beloved candy brands, perfectly merging the precious memories of the past with the innovation of today. Through careful selection and reimagination of classic candies, Iconic Candy fosters a unique bond between generations, ensuring the sweets of yesteryear are accessible and enjoyable for today’s consumers. Their ever-expanding portfolio currently includes REED’S®, REGAL CROWN®, BarNone®, CRÈME SAVERS® and Daily-C®… with many more exciting brand revivals on the horizon.

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Contact: Kim Wiesen

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