Beatnic Introduces Industry-leading Parental Leave Policies

NEW YORK, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In honor of Women’s History Month and International’s Women’s Day (March 8thBeatnic is happy to announce their newly designed parental leave policies that put employees and their families first.

Forging their own path in the hospitality industry, Beatnic has put together a robust package that extends the same parental benefits that executives get to all part-time and full-time store employees. Beatnic’s benefits put an emphasis on female economic empowerment and aim to enable their employees to embrace ease and flexibility when caring for and bonding with their newborn, newly adopted, or newly placed child.

Catey Mark Meyers, President of Beatnic, stepped into her role while 8-months pregnant. This is a testament to Beatnic’s core ethos of supporting, accepting, and cultivating the lives of their employees beyond the workplace.

"Based on my personal experience, I know how challenging it can be to balance work with a new baby," says Mark Meyers. "I was fortunate to have access to exceptional childcare and a job that can be done remotely, which eased some of the burden. Our store team members do not have this luxury, and in many instances are dependent on their weekly paycheck, making the decision to take time off, to bond with a new child or to recover from a miscarriage, a challenging tradeoff. By instituting paid parental leave for all of our team members and adding paid leave for miscarriages in our bereavement policy, we hope to provide our team members with the support they deserve. The restaurant industry is notorious for its antiquated parental leave benefits – especially among restaurant level employees. As a female-led organization, we hope our policies will help to drive the conversation around this very important issue and lead other organizations in the industry to follow suit."

All Beatnic employees are entitled to paid parental leave following the arrival of a new child. Primary caregivers are eligible for up to 12 weeks of leave at 100% of base pay, or 16 weeks of leave at 75% of base pay. Secondary caregivers are eligible for up to 4 weeks of leave at 100% of base pay, or 6 weeks of leave at 75% of base pay. For employees who have worked less than 12 months, the time off will be pro-rated based on tenure. The company has also added 5 days of paid leave for miscarriages to their bereavement policy.

Beatnic encourages an advantageous work-life balance and aims to set women up for success during parental leave as well as when jumping back into the workforce. Beatnic strives to always listen to their employees needs and will continuously update and improve their policies as necessary.

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