Biography of a Real-World 'Forrest Gump' – Author Vickie Smith Odabashian Releases Newest Book Detailing Exciting Life of Her Small-Town Father

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vickie Smith Odabashian announced the release of her newest book, an extensively researched biography and family-story sequel that tells the unbelievable tale of her father’s amazing life journey. Beginning with the tragic suicide of his mother, the author’s own grandmother, "What Became of Little Jackie Smith?" follows Vickie’s father as he navigates a life marked by abandonment and abuse, before finally celebrating the triumph of self-reliance and personal discovery. Revealing the gentle good nature of a kind soul, Odabashian’s book is a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit, beautifully chronicled by a loving daughter. Already receiving very positive reviews in the author’s local paper, and described as a deeply moving biography about a fascinating man book columnists are calling ‘something of an Oroville-based Forrest Gump figure…’. "What Became of Little Jackie Smith?" is available for purchase via Amazon.

"I suppose many daughters are fascinated by their fathers – dads are often our first heroes – but my father was particularly special, and he had a lifetime of adventures to prove it," said Vickie Odabashian. "And while my father’s journey certainly wasn’t easy, it was definitely worth writing about. He kept many important mementoes from his travels in his dependable Samsonite luggage – becoming sort of a ubiquitous part of my dad as a traveler. So, when he opened it up to share the contents with me later in life – a whole Samsonite archive of his adventures – that’s when the heart of this book really began to beat. In our sessions together, he guided me through letters he sent home, photos, VHS tapes, artifacts, and other memorabilia, sharing his whole life with me. This led to further investigation and the subsequent discovery of dusty secrets his family had kept for decades, including our family’s Armenian heritage."

Synopsis: In 1950, Victoria Smith mysteriously leaped to her death in Fresno, California, leaving many to wonder about the 10-year-old son she left behind. "What Became of Little Jackie Smith?: A True Story Continued" is a sequel to Victoria Smith’s life story, "Victoria’s Secret: A Conspiracy of Silence" – recipient of an honorable mention award in the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards in 2001. In this follow-up biography, Vickie Smith Odabashian describes how Little Jackie Smith handled his mother’s tragic death, along with recounting the struggles he encountered from childhood through his many adventures in far-flung locations explored during his adulthood. This story is the author’s loving tribute to a spectacular father. A man who summoned the rare courage needed to move forward, while also looking back. It is a celebration of his personal contribution to making the world a better place. 

"Throughout his life, my dad managed to keep an old-world elegance that’s worthy of remembering; those that worked with him in the Butte County Sheriff’s Office called him ‘Gentleman Jack.’ I always thought of him as pure and good, like Andy Taylor from the ‘Andy Griffith Show.’ He was just that wholesome and kind – serving his country and his family with equal love and devotion. This book is my way of keeping his spirit alive, chronicling who he was. Or, in his own words, showcasing a life ‘unique in its own right.’"

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Vickie Smith (Foston) Odabashian began working as an educator in 1993 before earning her Master’s in Sociology in 1999. She self-published her first book in 2001: "Victoria’s Secret: A Conspiracy of Silence." She and her husband Glen currently reside in Northern California close to their immediate family which includes five adult children and 10 grandchildren. Learn more about Vickie’s life and family, her upcoming titles, and her publishing company, the Victoria Lazarian Heritage Association, at:

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