Black Friday Deals on Mainers™ Extreme Cold Mitts

TRENTON, Maine, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Black Friday shoppers will have the chance to order the world’s best handcrafted, USA-made winter mitt at a one-time-only discounted price of $165.75. The discount represents 15% off the normal price of $195. Shoppers will also enjoy free shipping on orders of two or more pairs.

The sale price will be good on Mainers’ two new color options – red and black – as well as the navy blue featured during Mainers’ 2020 Kickstarter campaign which was funded in four hours.

The offer will be available from 12 AM Friday, November 26 through Monday, November 29, 2021. Discounts will apply only to a limited run of mittens in all three colors.

Mainers is the new outdoor brand launched by Tempshield® Cryo-Protection®. The leader in industrial-grade PPE for handling cryogenic materials as cold as -320°F, Tempshield has leveraged its 40 years of experience supplying equipment to demanding customers like the CDC, NASA, US Military, and NATO to create the ultimate hand protection from extreme winter conditions.

More than two years in the making, the Mainers mitt employs much of Tempshield’s proven technology, premium USA-sourced materials, and hand-stitched quality to create a garment that will consistently outperform anything else available in the outdoor retail industry. Add in a discounted price plus the potential for free shipping, and it makes the ultimate holiday gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

"This is your chance to own the best mitts in the world at the lowest price since launch," said Jim Woldenberg, CEO of Tempshield Cryo-Protection. "If you want to give the gift of warm hands no matter where adventure takes you, there’s never been a better time to grab a pair for your loved ones or yourself."

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Mainers is an all-new outdoor brand created by Tempshield® Cryo-Protection. Designed and manufactured by hand in Trenton, Maine, Mainers aims to deliver professional-level protection from cold to outdoor enthusiasts of all types with no compromise products built with top-quality materials.

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