Black Lesbian Erotica Author Debuts Little Book of Quickies

HOUSTON, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It has been a while since a black and lesbian erotica author has dared shake up the erotic literature landscape. Writing under her pen name- Ro Desire, the debut author recently unveiled her collection of sensual and erotic fantasies in her Little Book of Quickies: Unfulfilled Desires that every woman, bisexual or lesbian should make room for on their bookshelf.

A call to self-empowerment
The driving force behind Ro Desire’s self-published book which is available on Amazon (Paperback $9.99 and Kindle $5.95) was the realization that there was still much to be accomplished about giving a voice to women’s sexual desires. This is particularly true for lesbians from the black community, in a society where being gay is still very much a taboo. After doing her research into erotic literature, Ro Desire was dismayed to learn that black lesbian writers are still today highly underrepresented. Growing up in Houston, Ro Desire is no stranger to the two-fold social prejudice when one is a lesbian of color. It took courage and insight to turn things around.

Sexual awakening
Staying true to herself and listening to her own desires, the young erotica author unleashed this energy by starting to write down some of these fantasies. Overcome by the feedback she received from her friends and close entourage, encouraging her to write a book- she decided to take a leap of faith. The rest is history. Each one of the sensuous 57 short stories or Quickies as Ro Desire cheekily likes to call them, are unique and easy to read. Her purpose as an author is clear- it is all about women liberating themselves from the chains of social conventions. “Fulfil your every desire” encourages Ro Desire, “…it’s all about dispelling fears and inhibitions and giving place to personal sexual awakening”. The author’s platform- Ro Desire, is an additional means of reaching out to the women from all walks of life, of all races, bisexuals, lesbians or even heterosexuals with slumbering lesbian desires.

After the success story of her debut novel with more than 100 positive reviews and counting since its publication a few months ago, Ro Desire fans can look forward to her second book, part of the Little Book of Quickies series, with a provisional launch date set for end of June this year.

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