Blake Alma: From FedEx Employee to Numismatic Leader with CoinHub

CINCINNATI, Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At just 23 years old, Blake Alma has redefined success in the numismatic industry, transitioning from a FedEx employee to the founder of CoinHub Media and author of the best-selling book, “The CoinHub: An Ultimate Guide to Coin Errors.” His remarkable journey from a traditional job to a trailblazer in coin collecting highlights the potential for passion to fuel professional triumph.

A Passion Ignited: The Genesis of CoinHub Media

Blake’s adventure into the world of coin collecting started modestly, inspired by his mother. Launching CoinHub on social media in January 2020, he quickly gained traction, amassing over 20,000 followers and 2 million video views in just the first month. This early success laid the groundwork for what would become a significant digital presence in the numismatic field.

From Early Struggles to Numismatic Success: The Journey of Blake Alma

Before emerging as a leading figure in the world of coin collecting with CoinHub Media, Blake Alma’s path was marked by resilience and hard work. Prior to his 18th birthday, he made the difficult decision to resign from his early career in outdoor media, which included creating “The Outdoor Experience” TV show and contributing to various outdoor publications. This pivot led Blake into a phase of life where he juggled multiple jobs, working tirelessly at a gas station, a local park, and later at FedEx, to make ends meet. These jobs, which he held until the age of 21, were a far cry from his passions but were essential in building the resilience and work ethic that would later fuel his success in the numismatic industry. This period of his life, characterized by perseverance and adaptability, laid the foundation for his eventual triumph in the world of coin collecting with CoinHub Media.

CoinHub Media: From Social Media to Industry Mainstay

Under Blake’s leadership, CoinHub Media has grown into a powerhouse with over 1.7 million followers across multiple platforms. In September 2022, Blake took the bold step of leaving his job at FedEx to focus entirely on CoinHub Media. This decision paid off handsomely, as CoinHub saw over $1.6 million in coin sales on the Whatnot app, solidifying its status in the digital marketplace.

“The CoinHub”: A Reflection of Numismatic Expertise

While CoinHub Media has been a significant focus, Blake’s authorial venture, “The CoinHub,” has also made waves as a best-seller on Amazon in the coin category. The book, free eBook for Prime members, offers an extensive guide to U.S. coin errors, combining detailed insights with stunning photography. It serves as a crucial resource for both coin collecting enthusiasts and beginners, embodying Blake’s commitment to educating and engaging the numismatic community.

A Visionary’s Journey to the Top

Despite his rapid ascent and recognition by media giants, Blake remains grounded, attributing his achievements to his Christian faith and the supportive coin collecting community. His story, marked by a balance of entrepreneurship and authorship, is a testament to the possibilities that emerge when one follows their passion with dedication and hard work.

Inspiring a New Generation of Collectors and Entrepreneurs

Blake Alma’s journey from a FedEx employee to a numismatic influencer is a compelling narrative that resonates with aspiring collectors and entrepreneurs alike. CoinHub Media and “The CoinHub” stand as beacons of innovation, showcasing the vibrant and ever-evolving world of coin collecting.

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