Blue Culture Tees Announces It Has Passed Their 20,000 Order

FOND DU LAC, Wis., Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Culture Tees is proud to announce they have surpassed their 20,000th order. "We are so excited to pass this milestone," says Founder, Matt Covey. "A portion of every t-shirt order is donated to One Tree Planted to help plant trees. Our favorite saying around here is, "You buy tees; we plant trees!"

In addition to helping plant trees, Blue Culture Tees also donates a portion of each order to The Ocean Cleanup organization, a nonprofit group dedicated to removing plastic and garbage from our oceans.

Blue Culture Tees specializes in licensed apparel from popular brands, such as Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Fifth Sun, LoungeFly, and more. Made only from the highest-quality materials, their collection of men’s and women’s tees, sweatshirts, tanks, and bottoms offer something for everyone. In addition, they offer many accessories, from backpacks and hats to jewelry, keychains, socks, umbrellas, and more. Their popular pop culture line makes great gifts, and you can even find a Star Wars salt and pepper shaker.

Blue Culture Tees is passionate about sustainability in everything that they do. It is estimated that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean today with more entering every day. Much of this trash floats on the surface of the sea, impacting not only marine life, but also humans. Since every living thing is connected on this earth, humans are impacted when sea turtles get caught in nets and sea birds die when they mistakenly consume plastic. The Ocean Cleanup organization is working diligently to clean up the oceans for all living things.

Trees are also living things, and deforestation and human population growth threaten our forests every day. It is estimated that one tree can provide enough oxygen for four people. Trees also clean the air of pollutants and offer shade from the harsh rays of the sun. One Tree Planted plants trees all over the world in an effort to preserve animal habitats and these beautiful forests that many love to visit and that offer respite from the world.

Oceans provide humans with so many fun activities to do, from surfing and swimming to just hanging out on the beach and watching the sun set. Similarly, trees offer humans the chance to escape the city and enter a quiet place of reflection where birds sing, animals skitter, and beautiful flowers grow. Humans need nature almost as much as they need air to breathe. Preserving nature should be one of humanity’s highest goals.

"Not only can you sport your favorite retro tees and gear when you purchase from us, but you will also be supporting the world’s forests and oceans, too," says Covey. "It’s just one small way we all can make a difference in this world."

If you are interested in learning more about Blue Culture Tees and their offerings, you can visit them online at

About Blue Culture Tees
Blue Culture Tees is an apparel company that offers retro-styled men’s, women’s clothing that promotes sustainability and longevity. They carry popular brands such as Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, and more. Besides clothing, they offer handbags, totes, backpacks, face masks, hair accessories, plush toys, and more. The company is passionate about helping to save the environment, and they view their mission as helping to preserve forests and oceans for future generations.

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