Bugha and New Meta Entertainment, Inc.’s Dignitas Drop Exclusive Game Mode in Fortnite Creative

“Bugha’s End Game” Reinvents The Most Successful Limited Time Mode In Fortnite History With Special Features From Bugha’s Gameplay

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — New Meta Entertainment, Inc. (NME), parent company of the esports organization, Dignitas, alongside its player and Fortnite World Cup Champion, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, is excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking game mode in Epic Games’ Fortnite Creative entitled, “Bugha’s End Game.

The exclusive game mode launched Thursday to incredible fan reception. Bugha fans, Dignitas supporters and Fortnite enthusiasts worldwide are all invited to dive into “Bugha’s End Game” using the following map code: 4294-2523-7409. For further details and updates, visit @DignitasFN on X (the platform formally known as Twitter).

The new mode allows gamers to relive the thrill of one of the most successful Limited Time Modes in Fortnite’s history – “Bugha’s Late Game” – with special features that include six of Bugha’s signature landing spots, stacked end games for thrilling competition, and strategic gameplay allowing gamers to channel their inner Bugha by utilizing his innovative strategies and decision-making techniques.

“A big part of my excitement for joining Dignitas was for opportunities like this,” Bugha said. “With Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), we’ve been able to bring back my original game mode but were able to add in more personalized and creative elements. We put a lot of work into this, I hope the community enjoys competing on it with me.”

Fueling the fire will be a series of weekly Dignitas community events with the inaugural event kicking off today at 4pm EST within “Bugha’s End Game“. The $10,000 prize pooled event will see Bugha, Dignitas Fortnite’s World Class roster of all 3 FNCS 2023 Champions Acorn, Duke and Khanada, and some of the largest gaming creators, including Clix, Typical Gamer and Jerian, battle it out in a 32-player endgame simulator. All Dignitas community events are open to the public through the Dignitas Fortnite Discord server, DIG Fort. Launched a little over a week ago, the community events quickly amassed thousands of players over the course of the weekend and dominated Fortnite streams on Twitch with over 15,000 average viewers across various channels, including pro players, fans and prominent streamers.

“NME is thrilled to partner with Bugha on this game mode and provide innovative, next level opportunities and engagements to the Dignitas and wider Fortnite communities,” said Michael Prindiville, CEO of NME and Dignitas. “The sandbox that Epic Games has developed within Fortnite Creative is revolutionary – empowering user-generated game developers to unleash their creativity providing stunning possibilities to engage gamers, fans, the community and partners alike.”

The game mode marks the first-time that a gaming organization and a Fortnite World Champion have developed their own game mode within Fornite Creative. NME developed the mode alongside a highly esteemed team of partners and industry veterans, crafting it to the utmost standards and harnessing the cutting-edge capabilities of Unreal Engine within the realm of Fortnite Creative.

Bugha’s End Game” is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Epic Games, Inc. For media inquiries and partners please contact
g and for more information about Dignitas and Bugha’s collaboration,visit Dignitas.gg and @DignitasFN on X.

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