Calling All Authors: Turn the Pages Offers a Path to Amplify Book Reach and Connect with a Wider Audience

CHICAGO, June 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Turn the Pages, a renowned platform for book reviews and literary recommendations, extends an open invitation to authors looking to enhance the visibility and impact of their books. Recent studies have revealed that a significant number of books struggle to reach their audience, with many selling fewer than 100 copies in their first year, and some as few as 5 or 10 copies in their initial month of publication. Turn the Pages provides an invaluable opportunity for authors to receive visual book reviews, engage their existing fanbase, and cultivate a broader readership.

Navigating the competitive publishing landscape can be daunting, with numerous talented authors facing the challenge of gaining recognition for their work. Turn the Pages aims to address this issue by offering authors a dedicated platform to showcase their books and connect with a wider audience.

By joining Turn the Pages, authors can enjoy a range of benefits designed to amplify their book’s reach and expand their fanbase. One of the primary advantages is the opportunity to receive a visually engaging book review that can be effectively promoted to their existing fanbase. These reviews serve as powerful tools to generate buzz, attract new readers, and ultimately boost sales.

In addition, Turn the Pages is committed to promoting its organization, which provides access to at least one million viewers each month. By leveraging extensive advertising in libraries and bookstores, Turn the Pages ensures that authors gain exposure to a diverse and expansive audience. This strategic promotion helps authors tap into new markets, connect with readers who may have otherwise missed their work, and foster a thriving community of literary enthusiasts.

Turn the Pages is excited to announce its collaboration with CAN TV, a leading television network. As part of this collaboration, CAN TV will air a Turn the Pages public service announcement (PSA) to encourage educators and families to support authors who have been reviewed by the platform. This PSA aims to create awareness about the transformative power of literature and the importance of supporting authors in their creative endeavors.

Furthermore, CAN TV will also air a Turn the Pages PSA specifically designed to recruit more authors of color. This initiative seeks to promote diversity and inclusivity within the literary world by encouraging authors from underrepresented backgrounds to send their books to Turn the Pages for review. By amplifying the voices of authors of color, Turn the Pages aims to foster a rich tapestry of storytelling that reflects the diverse experiences and perspectives of readers worldwide.

Authors are invited to join Turn the Pages and seize the opportunity to elevate their books, grow their fanbase, and connect with a wider audience. Turn the Pages is committed to celebrating literature, empowering authors, and facilitating meaningful connections between writers and readers.

Media contact:
Jordan Rivers

SOURCE Turn the Pages