Capitalizing on the Remarkable Success of The Aa-Team Campaign, Reckon Goes Another Round with Mr. T in 2022

ATLANTA, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When The Aaron’s Company launched their new, fully-integrated marketing campaign dubbed "The Aa-Team" in 2021, featuring entertainment icon Mr. T, the team at Reckon Branding was confident that it would be a success. The concepting, creation, and execution of the national campaign made an indelible mark on the Rent-to-Own marketing landscape, and Aaron’s suddenly had a brand presence that was a differentiator in the industry and uniquely their own. However, despite the certainty that the campaign would exceed expectations, no one at Reckon imagined that The Aa-Team would have such a significant and measurable impact on Aaron’s brand awareness and sales.

According to pre- and post-campaign studies conducted by Aaron’s to measure brand recognition, the data showed a significant increase in brand recall. The research focused on individuals who were identified as ideal Aaron’s customers. Of this group, and based on the data, millions more people now know about Aaron’s, all thanks to The Aa-Team campaign.

Aaron’s also noted that the completion rate of their pre-roll digital advertising was incredibly compelling compared to industry standards. Aaron’s leadership had set a goal of about 3 times the industry average for watching a pre-roll ad to completion. In the end, the study showed a completion rate nearly 10 times the average for digital pre-roll spots featuring The Aa-Team, far exceeding the desired objectives.

This year, Reckon is using that monumental success as a springboard for new Aa-Team spots featuring Mr. T.  A total of four TV spots were produced with fresh creative, all while staying true to the original concepts that have been so effective. And like last year, the Reckon team and Aaron’s leadership enjoy a partnership of clear communication, and collaboration, creating harmony across all aspects of the campaign. In fact, the Aaron’s/Reckon partnership may just be the secret sauce and a big contributor to the campaign’s success.

From the beginning, Reckon understood the objectives set forth by Aaron’s Marketing team. "We were challenged to find the perfect balance of brand expression while also staying focused on critical retail messaging," says Andy Suggs, Partner at Reckon Branding. "As a result, we imagined and created a campaign that solidified Aaron’s brand while also promoting a product and price message typically found in more mundane retail spots."  According to Sandi Murnane, Director of Creative Services, "It was most important that we tout our products and our prices to drive traffic, but we still wanted a highly creative, memorable, and dynamic campaign that would establish Aaron’s brand and endure for years to come. "The Aa-Team" has proven that it has the creative legs to do just that."

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