Cats Are Depressed by Not Being Able to Hunt – Luckily, We Can Simulate a Hunting Experience

NEW YORK, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cat’s instinct is to hunt for food, but unfortunately a cat raised at home has been deprived of the fun to look for food. One company, Ollie Innovation, has come up with a new product to simulate a natural hunting experience for cats and have fun.

Cats are natural hunters and they love to explore for food. One thing that has been commonly ignored by people is that cats actually don’t possess a very strong taste, and instead they rely mostly on their olfactory or smell faculty. Even if cats may look rather content with being fed by their owners, they still feel bored as their talents aren’t fully exploited. Compare that to a dog being confined in cage without being able to roam freely!

Ollie Innovation, an innovative tech company headquartered in New York, has successfully come up with a new solution to help deal with cats’ boredom. The product they come up is very simplistic in design with a vision that cats are able to fully exploit their olfactory property to search for food in the comfort of home.

The little hunting game box is very easy to be placed anywhere like under the desk or behind the curtain. A cat owner can just easily set the time and the scope of the hunting area via their cell phone. When it comes to the hunting time, the little game box just heats the scent box, which contains a bit of the food and starts emitting the smell. When the cat receives the smell signal, its nerve system gets activated and starts looking for the food with its superb smell system, while in the entire process, human beings will not detect the smell as the smell is too minute to be noticed by man. A food reward that comes after searching definitely tastes better, for cats mostly rely on its smell when trying the food. Tony Buffington, a feline expert from the United Kingdom, also shared the importance of the device, "the inability to search and catch food seems to be very stressful for cats."

The inspiration behind the idea came from Ryan, one engineer in the company, who has adopted several cats during the epidemic. When feeding food to the cats, he found that though cats were well-fed, they were not active and looked rather stressed. He later came up with the idea of using the cats’ smell to arouse their natural hunting instinct.

Ollie Innovation’s Movable Treasure is the world’s first interactive indoor hunting and feeding box. The device simulates hunting signals indoors, allowing cats to feel the joy of foraging for food in the comfort and safety of homes. To get 40% discount and products, please contact them here: 

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