Children’s Author Pens Heartwarming Penguin Picture Book to Celebrate Her Daughter and Encourage Inclusion for Kids with Down Syndrome

WINCHESTER, Mass., Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mama Penguin and Daddy Penguin were thrilled when their polka-dotted penguin was hatched. Although her beautiful polka dots made her unique from the other baby penguins, she was more like them than different. Author Moy, mother to a child with Down syndrome, expertly brings a story that celebrates differences through the eyes of one special penguin in her new picture book The Polka-Dotted Penguin.

When Moy noticed there was a lack of books to send to her daughter’s classroom that featured diverse characters such as those with Down syndrome, she decided to write one of her own. In The Polka-Dotted Penguin, one cute baby penguin, Dottie, looks different from the rest. Some of the other penguins, especially the children, are unsure how to treat her. They ask their parents why Dottie looked different or why she had trouble speaking.

Dottie the penguin waddled around with the other baby penguins. She wasn’t as fast as they were, but she happily followed them around the ice.

The penguins soon see that, just like them, Dottie enjoys singing, dancing, and playing penguin games. Mama Penguin and Daddy Penguin knew their baby penguin was more like the others than different, it just took some time for the penguins to realize it.

Filled with playful illustrations on each page, The Polka-Dotted Penguin is a perfect read-aloud for families who wish to enjoy together a heartfelt story of kindness. It is a wonderful opportunity for families with a child of diverse abilities—and particularly for those who do not— to have a dialogue about inclusion, and the uniqueness and beauty of all children and how alike we all truly are. Educators will welcome a book that they can share in their classroom that celebrates these differences and our own uniqueness.

Author Amy Moy is an optometrist and teacher whose hope is that The Polka-Dotted Penguin will shine a light on all beautiful children like her daughter and raise awareness about Down syndrome.

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