Cinesteam® Is Using Cinnamon to Improve Malodorous Smells

Chronic Wounds Can Generate Nauseating and Unpleasant Smells. Cinesteam® Naturally Removes Them.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Malodorous wounds are severe chronic wounds that generate strong, unpleasant odors on a consistent basis. It’s easy for those who have not personally experienced or cared for someone with a malodorous wound to under prioritize the issue. They often categorize the condition as little more than an unfortunate side effect that can create unpleasant experiences. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Side effects like malodorous smells can compromise an individual’s entire quality of life,” explains Clémence Desjardin, Director of Operations and Business Development at Cemag Care. “When medical care takes place over extended periods of time, it can lead to a variety of negative side effects all related to the chronic malodors coming from the wound.”

When asked, patients have reinforced Desjardin’s words. Those managing chronic wounds with malodorous smells report that it is the most distressing wound symptom, and when left unaddressed, it can lead to:

  • Social isolation due to embarrassment and withdrawal.
  • Nausea from strong smells impacting taste and appetite.
  • Strain on personal relationships due to distance.
  • An inability to use public transportation, which hampers normal social behavior.

Of course, these are symptoms that come from unaddressed wound malodors. Cinesteam®‘s secondary dressing is an ideal way to naturally and effectively eliminate unpleasant smells.

The medical device is the first and only dressing on the market that utilizes the natural active ingredient cinnamon. The brand’s R&D team experimented with multiple natural smell control agents before selecting cinnamon as the top candidate. Some had too many negative side effects of their own, such as turmeric’s association with lead poisoning. Others, such as coffee, cloves, or pepper, didn’t deliver strong enough results. In the end, cinnamon proved a uniquely effective way to adsorb smells and replace them with good-smelling alternatives.

Cinesteam® addresses a secondary aspect of wound care that is often overlooked despite its potential to significantly exacerbate negative side effects. It is a natural-based dressing designed to restore control of the healing process by enabling patients and caregivers to reduce bad smells from malodorous wounds and improve quality of life.

About Cinesteam®:

Cinesteam® is a brand owned by a French pharmaceutical company based in Paris, Cemag Care, which was founded in 2016 by Dr André Ulmann. The brand is built on an innovative over-the-counter medical solution that uses a single natural ingredient (cinnamon) as a secondary dressing for those managing malodorous wounds from tumors, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and more. Cinesteam® effectively eliminates unwelcome odors and improves quality of life. (It does not heal the wound itself). The patented concept was developed from 2015 to 2019 and brought to market in Europe in 2020. NOTE: Cinesteam® is a class one medical device. Please read the instructions before use. Learn more at and

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