Cinesteam Treats the Underlying Cause of Wound Malodor

The Secondary Dressing Is Designed to Adsorb Smells, Removing Foul Odors Rather Than Simply Covering Them Up

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Chronic wounds can generate unpleasant smells. Commonly referred to as wound malodor, these unwanted aromas stem from things like necrotic tissue and bacteria living within a wound. Odor management is important in maintaining a high quality of life for patients, which is why the creators of Cinesteam® invested time and resources into finding the best natural active ingredient to adsorb malodorous wound smells.

“Cinesteam is the first natural-based dressing to manage and mask bad smells from malodorous wounds,” says Clémence Desjardin, Director of Operations and Business Development at Cemag Care. “It is the very first and only dressing on the market that utilizes the deodorizing effect of the natural active ingredient cinnamon.”

Desjardin adds that cinnamon goes beyond adding its own pleasant VOCs (volatile organic components) into the air to combat wound malodors. It also has a proven ability to trap unwanted VOCs from wounds.

Chromatographic analysis performed by the Cinesteam® team in collaboration with multiple prestigious medical organizations in the company’s home region of Paris found that there are multiple spices and compounds that have adsorption properties. Charcoal, coffee, cloves, turmeric, and similar natural odor-control agents were tested, but cinnamon outperformed them all.

The popular spice’s ability to adsorb VOCs specific to malodorous wounds was exceptional. In addition, some of the other options presented secondary health concerns, such as turmeric’s close association with lead poisoning. Cinnamon had no such concerns. The spice checked all of the boxes as both a deodorizing and odorizing agent.

Contained in Cinesteam®‘s innovative secondary dressings, the over-the-counter medical device allows patients and their caregivers to successfully eliminate wound malodors not just by adding pleasant smells to the air but by actively managing the root cause of the issue: VOCs generated within wounds. The secondary dressing is a safe, effective, and comprehensive way to keep a patient’s environment smelling pleasant as they rehabilitate.

About Cinesteam®:
Cinesteam® is a brand owned by a French pharmaceutical company based in Paris, Cemag Care, which was founded in 2016 by Dr André Ulmann. The brand is built on an innovative over-the-counter medical solution that uses a single natural ingredient (cinnamon) as a secondary dressing for those managing malodorous wounds from tumors, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and more. Cinesteam® effectively masks unwelcome odors and improves quality of life. (It does not heal the wound itself). The patented concept was developed from 2015 to 2019 and brought to market in Europe in 2020. NOTE: Cinesteam® is a class one medical device. Please read the instructions before use. Learn more at and

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