Collaborative Anthology ‘WYOMING’ Launches Crowdfunding Effort as it Prepares for Publication

Choose-your-own-adventure fiction anthology includes the work of 35 emerging authors, offering readers myriad ways to reach their destination

SOMERVILLE, Mass., Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — WYOMING, a collaborative, nonlinear anthology featuring the fiction and poetry of three dozen authors, has launched a crowdfunding campaign as it prepares to publish both digitally interactive and print formats. To contribute, learn more and help spread the word, readers can visit the WYOMING Kickstarter page.

Six years in the making, the book is just shy of 500 pages and features the work of 35 brilliant, emerging authors, many of whom have previously been published in The Cantabrigian Magazine, a literary magazine based in Cambridge, MA.

“The ‘Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style” variability of WYOMING was achieved by having contributing authors generate new materials based on previous authors’ contributions, along with a few guidelines that ensure the story takes fantastical and unexpected turns, offering different story journeys to readers depending on the choices they make,” says Jamie Hovis, editor of the anthology who was the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Cantabrigian, which was founded to feature the works of emerging writers. Each piece within the anthology was written to in some way “continue the story” of two previous entries, leading to hundreds of branching narratives and choices.

“This Kickstarter enables us to release a limited run of hardcover copies, with cover design by Philly-based designer Anna-Rose Schenerman,fun add-ons such as stickers and prints of the original artwork by visual artist Hogan Seidel, commissioned for the project, and the opportunity to access a ‘beta’ version of the book to provide playtesting feedback to inform the book’s final structure,” Hovis says. “I hope writers, readers, lovers of fiction and even those who are just plain curious will contribute to our Kickstarter efforts. Investments of any size are appreciated. The idea is to make a book that people can read over and over again!”

To invest in this choose-your-own-adventure experimental anthology and learn what perks come with your giving level, please visit WYOMING’s Kickstarter page.

WYOMING Editor Jamie Hovis Founded and served as Editor-in-Chief of The Cantabrigian Magazine. It was while serving in that role that the Emerson College theatre and literature grad conceived of the anthology. Back issues of Cantabrigian are available here.

Drew Plant


SOURCE The Wyoming Project