Cool Sensations: Concocting Cold Drinks and Treats in the Kitchen

HOUSTON, Aug. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The kitchen is not just for cooking, it’s also for creating refreshing chilled beverages and treats, especially during the summer when temperatures rise. Here are ideas for delicious cool sensations.

Ice cream dreams come true with the new Ice Cream Maker attachment for the Ankarsrum, the aspirational choice in stand mixers. An invitation to culinary creativity, it transforms a few tasty ingredients into a dessert or a treat, from classic vanilla ice cream or soft fruity sorbet to healthy frozen yogurt. The 6-piece set works in tandem with the powerful Ankarsrum stand mixer, a multifunctional appliance with optional attachments for pasta making, blending, pressing, grinding, shredding, sausage stuffing and straining.

Start your day with the energizing taste of cold brew coffee with the JURA Z10. It brews the full spectrum of hot drinks and more – opening a whole new dimension of coffee enjoyment with cold brew specialties at the touch of a button. Genuine cold brew now takes less than three minutes instead of 12-24 hours, thanks to JURA’s pioneering Cold Extraction Process. Cold water is slowly pulsed through freshly ground coffee under high pressure, for a refreshing and energizing brew, with a wonderfully balanced aroma.

JURA’s exclusive Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G.) recognizes the chosen specialty and adjusts the fineness of the grind accordingly, instantly and precisely.

Refresh and relax with delicious home brewed iced tea. The Capresso Iced Tea Select brews it quickly at the touch of a button, transforming tea leaves or tea bags into a flavorful beverage in minutes. It lets you customize tea strength from mild to strong, brewing black, white, green or herbal tea flavors – or even iced coffee for a change of pace. Convenience features include illuminated on/off button with auto shut-off and large removable permanent filter. The options are endless – from fruity peach or blackberry passion tea to Earl Grey to Mediterranean Mint.

Keep it cool with the CDN Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer (FG80). It helps you preserve the freshness and texture of foods by keeping your refrigerator or freezer at the optimal temperature. NSF® certified to professional standards, it features a color-coded scale with target range indications for food-safe storage. It is non-mercuric, with a durable laboratory glass column.

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