‘Could Asteroids and Volcanoes Stop Climate Change?’ – Explore the Ideas in Award-Winning Science Fiction, Climate Fiction Trilogy: ‘Relics of Dawn’

CHICAGO, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Author A. W. Davidson announces the release of a complete edition for "Relics of Dawn" – a time-bending sci-fi trilogy covering everything from futuristic civilizations to ancient ruins, including scientific disciplines like geology, physics, climatology, and nanotechnology. "Relics of Dawn" is available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Synopsis: ‘Superstorms rage and cities crumble to dust. Kaia’s world is dying, but who can she trust?’ The Council unveils the Dawn Project on a blistering day in 2296. They explain the only way to save the planet is an audacious act of creation… beginning with apocalyptic destruction. And so, a civilization on the brink begins its exodus to the heavens.

Biologist Kaia Badra and her small team of scientists stay behind to monitor phase one from orbit when they discover a conspiracy that threatens to undermine the project. But why? A geologist named Alan Pearce has a controversial theory that may be the answer. Separated by time but bound by courage, Kaia and Alan uncover an ancient secret so powerful that it could rewrite the past to save our future.

"Be it a movie like Interstellar by Christopher Nolan, or a book like Foundation by Asimov, great science fiction offers a thought-provoking look at the future," said A. W. Davidson. "But when I say it can be a crystal-ball, it’s important to remember that those futures are not set. We can be forewarned – forearmed for what is to come. ‘Relics of Dawn’ is my fictional deep-dive into the murky realities of climate change and what it may take to stop it. If we’re lucky, we can make different choices to prevent the worst. We must explore these frightening possibilities now while remaining hopeful, and with my story, hopefully entertained."

‘Relics of Dawn’ was Named "Best Sci Fi Book of 2020" by IHeartSciFi.com. "Mind-blowing is an understatement! … Davidson’s novel captivates and educates readers in a book that’s "un-put-downable."

‘Relics of Dawn’ is at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

About A.W. Davidson

A.W. Davidson is a four-time bestselling science fiction author who can often be found outdoors in Illinois, North Carolina, and sometimes, New Mexico. His short story "Deconstruction," featuring a young girl experiencing the worst of climate change, was the #1 Sci-Fi Short Read on Amazon for a week. So, he expanded her story into a full trilogy in "Relics of Dawn." Follow Davidson on social media: Twitter and www.AWDavidson.com

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