Craig Biorn Displays the Original Book Cover Painting of Bilan’s Journey of Hope

MIAMI, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bilan’s Journey of Hope written by Craig Biorn is his debut 100 page story about his wife, Bilan and her incrediable past experience as a Somali teenage girl. Biorn painted the cover of the book. Biorn grew up in Zumbrota, Minnesota. He recently donated the prototype of the book and his first signed print of the original painting to the Zumbrota Area Historical Society.

During a violent uprising, Bilan is forced to flee her country with her family, leaving everything behind. Afraid and armed with nothing but faith, Bilan struggles to protect her loved ones and find a safe place in the midst of chaos. Based on a true story during the 1991 Somali Civil War, ‘Bilan’s Journey of Hope’ is an incredible story of survival, love for God and family, and hope.

Bilan’s Journey of Hope will be officially released on April 22, 2021, in the form of ebook and paperback. The book is being distributed by 60+ online stores such as Amazon, Apple Books, Target and Walmart. The network is across 170 countries. This captivating story is nonfiction, family friendly and based on a true story.

“One of the best reads I’ve read in years. This well written book gave me a glimpse into the struggles Bilan, her family and the people of Somalia had to combat. It educated me on Somali culture and the beautiful religion of Islam, all while connecting me to Bilan with her relatable family values and unfiltered thoughts of an adolescent girl. This family friendly book would be perfect for all ages, as it reminds you of the important things in life and teaches you gratitude for the simple things, which we often forget is a privilege. This book is inspiring, heartfelt, brave and truly touching, as it has given me an extra layer of respect for everything Bilan and her family has had to overcome.” – Nicole Richman

Craig Biorn is an author, entrepreneur, and artist. His debut book, Bilan’s Journey of Hope, is a nonfiction about faith in the face of adversity. Craig grew up in the small town of Zumbrota, Minnesota. As a boy, he delivered papers on his bicycle, which is where he developed his passion for meeting new people and hearing their interesting stories. Today, he enjoys traveling with his family and listening to stories from around the world.

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