Crispy Green Celebrates 20 Years of Healthy Snacking and Shares Tips to Keep Active Families Energized in 2024

– Crispy Green’s Healthy Crispy Fruit Freeze-dried Fruit Snacks are an Active Family’s Best Friend –

FAIRFIELD, N.J., Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Crispy Green Inc, maker of Crispy Fruit®, the top-selling freeze-dried fruit snack in the U.S., is celebrating 20 years of using food as a force for good and providing families with healthy snacks to fuel their active lifestyles by teaming up with Dr. Nicole Avena, author of the new book Sugarless: A 7-Step Plan to Uncover Hidden Sugars, Curb Your Cravings, and Conquer Your Addiction, to share the Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Active Families Healthy and Energized in 2024,‘ available at Crispy Green’s lifestyle education blog Smart LifeBites.

Angela Liu, the founder of Crispy Green Inc., created the brand in 2004 to launch a line of delicious, natural, and healthy snacks for kids and adults to enjoy anytime to provide the fruit they need in their diets and the taste they crave to help energize their active lifestyles.

Active Family’s Best Friend

Liu’s passion for creating healthy snacks families can enjoy together has made Crispy Fruit the perfect grab-and-go snack families have turned to for a healthy crunch over the past two decades.

Crispy Fruit is made with one ingredient: delicious fruit. What makes it unique is that it’s made with the highest quality fruit that’s specially freeze-dried and packaged to retain the natural goodness of fruit while creating a crunchy, airy texture. It has seven delicious flavors (apple, banana, mango, pears, pineapple, strawberry, and tangerine) and provides all the benefits of having fresh fruit with no added sugar and ranges in size from convenient 12-gram (0.42 ounces) to 60-gram (2.12 ounce) snack-size pouches and multi-packs for added convenience with less packaging and food waste.

“The best snacks for families provide enough fuel so they can enjoy their activities. Having healthy snacks helps them maintain high energy, a healthy weight, and a better overall quality of life,” says Liu.

2024 is the Perfect Time to Address Healthy Eating Habits

Kids and adults usually need more fiber and less sugar, and Crispy Fruit snacks are flavorful and full of nutrients.

Dr. Avena says Crispy Fruit is a good source of fiber, which can help regulate blood sugar levels to prevent sudden energy crashes.

“Keeping your family energized throughout the day can be challenging, so start by looking at their eating habits. Teaching kids about food that’s good for their health when they’re young sets them up for a lifetime of wellness,” says Dr. Avena.

To learn more about healthy snacking and energizing your family, read the Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Active Families Healthy and Energized in 2024.

About Crispy Green

Crispy Green has provided families with healthy snacks to fuel their active lifestyles for 20 years. Crispy Green delivers 100% pure fruit as a grab-and-go snack that satisfies and energizes without sacrificing taste while adding more fruit to their diet.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Crispy Green, Inc. is the top-selling freeze-dried fruit snack in the U.S. The company’s category-leading Crispy Fruit line of 100% pure, freeze-dried fruit is made from only the finest, non-GMO fruits with no added sugar (*not a reduced calorie food). In 2022, Crispy Green expanded its product offering with Piña Picante, a new line of dried pineapple snacks with a flavorful twist.


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