Demand Payment for Your Data and Ad Views: Dorado Exchange Browser Extension Available for Free Download Now

‘You’re going to bump into online ads anyway – so why not get paid for them and the data you share?’

RENO, Nev., Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dorado Exchange LLC  is offering a free download of its newly developed, innovative Google Chrome extension to anyone wanting to combat ad overload and fight back against data collection schemes – all while getting rewarded for doing so. Dorado is the only free ad-managing Chrome extension that enables users to get payment for shared data and ads presented, providing users online independence from the dominance of ad marketing and online data mining. Dorado also gives content publishers a way to earn revenue, providing advertisers access to first-party data that is freely shared by users.

"The ad manager’s filtering process delivers great results for users burnt out on ad overload," said Kevin Garcia, COO and Co-Founder of Dorado. "The system is designed to pay users for each ad impression they see online – incentivizing them to voluntarily input their market interests into the platform for redeemable credits. And this works out for both users and advertisers because it is a voluntary and reciprocal relationship. It’s time for people to have control over their online data and ad quality. Most importantly, it is time people get paid for their data!"

Dorado Exchange – Your Data, Your Money

Dorado Exchange is a free, easy to use ad manager that filters out unwanted ads, letting users customize and monetize their own online ad data while browsing the web. This is done automatically, so users can surf and enjoy a better web experience while earning credits during their browsing time. And with its excellent ad reduction features, Dorado Exchange is designed to become an entire ecosystem of participating advertisers, content publishers, and nationwide users.

The process is simple. Users download the free Dorado Exchange ad manager, select their market interests, and then the Dorado Exchange matches and presents relevant advertisements while users are on partner sites. In exchange, users earn redeemable credits for every matching ad impression. The Dorado Exchange’s filtering system blocks all outside advertisers, giving the benefits of a powerful ad managing system and much more:

  • Allows users to select and update their own market interest preferences.
  • Presents Dorado Exchange Ads specifically matched to those preferences.
  • Allows users to collect cash-redeemable credits for each matched ad impression.
  • Screen and block all ads from sources not approved by users (3rd party ads outside of the system, etc.).

"Even though the Dorado Exchange blocks 3rd party ads from data collecting, approved content providers still get paid for each ad impression when using our system," said Brian Garcia, Co-Founder of Dorado. "They can therefore generate an even greater revenue stream for themselves by respecting your data rights while ensuring you only see what you want to see. It’s a win-win situation. Dorado Exchange user feedback has already been fantastic, with many comments like: ‘Wow, I didn’t think it was possible to collect a toll for data and ads!’"

About Dorado Exchange LLC

Founded in 2020, Dorado Exchange is a tech company changing the way online ad experiences work for everyone. Starting with the premise that consumers own their own commercial data, Dorado believes that individual Users should control how that information gets shared – including sharing the monetization, rather than just allowing Big Data firms to collect all the profits. This vision continues to fuel the development of a truly revolutionary opt-in platform where free market transactions deliver a better online ecosystem that benefits all the stakeholders: customers, content publishers, and advertisers.

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