Does Enduring Tough Times Make Us Stronger?

New book focuses on the stories of people who used adversity as a springboard to accomplish great things

PALMER, Alaska, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In her new book, Fill Your Glass with Gold: When It’s Half Full or Even Completely Shattered, author Hillary Saffran, a social worker who assisted welfare clients who needed to find jobs, uses the stories of famous people (Albert Einstein, Ludwig van Beethoven, Oprah, for example) and others who have accomplished great things despite going through great adversities.

There are 18 stories in the book that revolve around people in the entertainment, business, science and non-profit sectors. At the end of each story, readers are encouraged to answer four short questions to cement what they learned.

One of the stories is hers. Saffran’s mother died when she was seven and her father remarried, creating a blended family with issues. “We were not the Brady Bunch,” she writes. “More like a Long Island version of Mommy Dearest. My family took the word ‘fun’ out of dysfunctional.” The author’s first two marriages to Mr. Wrong and Mr. Really Wrong, ended in divorce and led her to briefly go on welfare. She met Mr. Right at 61.

Saffran—who spent many years in high-stress, low-paying jobs while raising three children on her own—has found her own life purpose by spreading hope and happiness when people see their journeys through addiction, domestic violence, homelessness and more as transformative experiences.

Fill Your Glass with Gold is based on a workshop she gave for clients but whose message is worth spreading to a wider audience. She writes: “Whatever you have gone through—no matter how difficult it seems—it will be useful for you in the future. Out of great difficulty many have created non-profits, formed ministries, and have gathered more skill sets for a new or better career.”

About the Author

Hillary Saffran is an author, therapist, transformational coach, speaker, actress, singer, musician, voiceover artist, and ventriloquist. As a single parent of three children, she made extra money by becoming a birthday party clown and performing singing telegrams. She is the author of Laughing in the Rain: Self-Care for the Storms of Life, the “Jest Joking” series of humorous gift books that include Boomer Haiku and More Random Silliness. Her title The Little Coach Engine That Could Because It Stopped Sabotaging Itself was a finalist in the personal growth and development category of The Book Excellence Awards.

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