“Don’t Sweat It”: Boundless Hydrogen Water Removes the Burden of Staying Hydrated

From Brand New Flavors to Alkaline and Sparkling Options, the Australian Hydrogen Water Brand Is Making Hydration Fun

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hydration is a foundational element of staying alive. Everyone from the bustling streets of the Big Apple to the distant reaches of the Australian Outback is aware of the importance of water. The struggle is remembering the need to consume water throughout the day. That’s where Boundless is changing the status quo.

Boundless is an Australian beverage brand built around the concept of creating affordable, accessible hydrogen water. “Hydrogen water is just what it sounds like, water combined with hydrogen,” explains company founder and CEO David Goo, who adds that there are many ways hydrogen water can potentially benefit the body, from improving athletic performance all the way to reducing the effects of radiation therapy.

The entrepreneur adds that Boundless isn’t just creating hydrogen water, “We’ve brought a scientific and sustainable approach to the process by using green hydrogen and breakthrough nanotechnology to mix the two primary ingredients more effectively.”

While the Boundless team’s pioneering spirit in the production and sustainability of hydrogen water is noteworthy, it’s the group’s fun-loving approach to their craft that is turning heads. For example, the brand has partnered with or sponsored multiple Australian athletic organizations, including the South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby team and famed Australian boxer Tim Tszyu, to help spread the word about the powerful potential of hydrogen water.

This vibrant approach carries over to the brand’s products, too. Boundless bottles feature bright, colorful packaging and come with a strong sustainability message. The contents are equally enticing to consumers. Hydrogen water is smoother than flat water and goes down easily.

Boundless has continued to develop its product line to include options for athletes, adults, and children. Recently, the company announced new variations, as well, including Acai Hydrogen Water, an Alkaline hydrogen water, and a sparkling option.

“Our goal isn’t just to help people stay hydrated,” declares Goo. “We want to make hydration as painless and beneficial as possible. We want to be a new option for drinking water that removes the burden and makes hydration sweet, simple, and fun.”

About Boundless

Boundless Hydrogen Water was created by a research team led by Dr. Jeffery Son as a natural, comprehensive solution for his daughter’s eczema. The product was successful, not just for topical skin but for various general health benefits. The Brand is established as a market leader through the development of the company’s unique, non-chemical, Australian manufacturing method, and its founding team has worked tirelessly to share its hydrogen water with the world ever since. Boundless is backed by both science and continuous research and operates with the mission of using technology to unlock human potential and create the future of beverages. Learn more at boundlesshydrogenwater.com.

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