Earth & Halo Unveils “A Pledge To Community” for Graceful-Aging Beauty in 2024

CULVER CITY, Calif., Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Earth & Halo, a pioneer in authentic beauty, introduces its revolutionary initiative, the “Pledge to Our Community,” committing to redefine beauty standards and champion graceful aging in the skincare industry. Acknowledged for excellence, Earth & Halo receives prestigious awards.

Awards Recognition:

  1. Elle’s First Class Beauty 2023 “Best Serum Of The Year”: Blue Crystalline Face Serum receives the prestigious award, acknowledging its outstanding formulation and innovative skincare approach.
  2. Best Eye Product Of The Year by Beauty Innovation: Apple Of My Eye Eye & Lip Contour is honored, emphasizing its excellence in targeting delicate areas.
  3. Best Organic Product For Beauty Innovation: Earth & Halo is recognized for its commitment to organic, clean, and innovative formulations.
  4. Best Vegan Skincare Brand Of 2023: Earth & Halo earns the title, affirming its dedication to cruelty-free, clean, and vegan formulations.

Embracing Diverse Beauty: In a departure from the industry norm, Earth & Halo boldly adopts the philosophy that everyone is inherently beautiful, vehemently rejecting terms like ‘flawless’ and ‘perfect skin.’ Coined by Earth & Halo’s founder, Aaryan, the term ‘Graceful Aging’ encapsulates the brand’s vision. Inspired by sentiments from actor Jamie Lee Curtis, who advocated for abandoning the term ‘anti-aging,’ Earth & Halo dedicates itself to fostering a more empowering perception of beauty. In the Beauty Covenant, the brand encourages a shift from ‘anti-aging’ to ‘graceful aging,’ promoting inclusivity.

Vows of the “Pledge to Our Community”:

  1. Embracing Diverse Beauty: Earth & Halo pledges to uphold the belief in celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of beauty.
  2. No retouching of any customer’s photo: A pledge to maintain transparency and authenticity in beauty representation.
  3. Cruelty-Free, Clean, Organic, and Vegan Formulations: Products will be formulated cruelty-free, clean, and with organic extracts, ensuring ethical considerations.
  4. Ancient Wisdom Meets Scientific Research and Technology: A marriage between ancient wisdom and modern science promises a skincare experience rooted in tradition and backed by scientific rigor.
  5. Transparency as a Pillar: Earth & Halo values transparency, committing to open communication about products, processes, and sourcing.
  6. Purest and Most Effective Ingredients: Striving for excellence, Earth & Halo pledges to use the purest and most effective ingredients.
  7. Continuous Research for Gentle Formulations: Efforts in ongoing research ensure products cater to various skin types while maintaining efficacy.
  8. Environmental Responsibility in Packaging: Dedicated to eco-friendly packaging solutions, minimizing the environmental footprint.

Join Earth & Halo’s Movement: The “Pledge to Our Community” is Earth & Halo’s commitment to redefining beauty standards and fostering a positive, authentic, and inclusive approach to skincare. As the new year unfolds, the brand invites brands and individuals to join in this transformative journey towards graceful-aging beauty. #gracefulaging

About Earth & Halo: Earth & Halo is a trailblazer in the beauty industry, committed to authenticity, ethical practices, and redefining beauty standards. Focusing on graceful-aging beauty, the brand seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with modern science, delivering skincare products that celebrate individuality.

Future Aspirations: Looking ahead, Earth & Halo envisions a future where beauty is not confined by age or societal norms. The brand aims to continue its innovative strides, pushing the boundaries of skincare while fostering a community that celebrates the beauty in diversity. Earth & Halo pledges to remain at the forefront of ethical beauty, inspiring positive change in the industry and beyond. As Earth & Halo embarks on this journey, the brand invites brands, individuals, influencers, and fellow beauty enthusiasts to join its movement redefining beauty.

Cindy Vera

SOURCE Earth & Halo