Eccentex Announces New HyperAutomation and AI Services

LOS ANGELES, July 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Eccentex, an industry leading No-code / Low-code development platform and process automation software company, announced today the EAP Availability of new Generative AI capabilities that will shape the future of Case Management.

These new AI capabilities will fundamentally change the way companies managing customer related cases and tasks today – said Tibor Vass CMO of Eccentex.

Eccentex introduced 20+ new AI features as part of its new HyperAutomation Cloud platform and recently trademarked HyperAutomation as a Service™ (HaaS) offer that creates a new category in the Business Automation Market.

With this new platform and innovative offer, Eccentex is moving from Low-Code development to a No-Code development method, that further accelerates agility and widens the horizon of all Business Automation capabilities.

With the help of Eccentex AI Services companies can create new business processes based on simple text line inputs, such as – “Create a new customer onboarding process for a large size Retail Bank” >> [Invent] – and ingest the auto-generated application model directly to the HyperAutomation Cloud engine without writing a single line of code or using a visual process editor. 

Responding to a customer email – even if it is complex, contains multiple requests, needs interaction history and contextual awareness – is now easier than ever. Eccentex customers can leverage the incredible AI powered Auto Responder feature to create a fully personalized answer to any email or text input in any language in only a few seconds. Back Office agents can handle more requests, answer more questions, resolve complex issues faster and with less errors. 

The platform level Eccentex AI services can be embedded in many different use cases from case management, sentiment and intent analytics, knowledge management, interaction personalization, sensitive personal information masking, key data extraction, agent assistance, fraud prevention, and so on.

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Eccentex HyperAutomation Cloud is a platform that can be easily integrated with 3rd party applications or customer owned / homegrown systems through platform level open APIs. HyperAutomation Cloud is equipped with out-of-box and easily customizable adapters that can help speed up and simplify integrations. 

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About Eccentex
Eccentex delivers cloud-based Business Automation capabilities to customers of all sizes across all industries for customer service modernization, journey orchestration and back-office automation. Eccentex’s flexible and unified HyperAutomation Cloud platform empowers businesses to rapidly deploy, easily extend and effortlessly change business applications to meet their strategic goals and keep up with the ever-changing customer needs.

Throughout its history, Eccentex has delivered award-winning capabilities in Dynamic Case Management and Business Process Automation to help the world’s leading brands and government entities to achieve breakthrough results in the short term. With Eccentex, businesses can achieve their Digital Transformation goals without sacrificing human centricity. Customers will enjoy the new automated process and self-service experiences while brand employees will be better motivated and freed up from boring, repetitive tasks.

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