Ecommerce Pioneer GiftsforEurope Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Inspired by the need for gift delivery to Europe from abroad, GiftsforEurope has grown to the premier website for international gifting to 30+ European countries and the UK.

ARDOOIE, Belgium, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GiftsforEurope (, a leader in international gift delivery to Europe, celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023. Nathalie and Benny Sintobin founded the website in 1998 during the early days of Internet shopping to make it easy to send gifts to Europe from abroad. From beginnings as a 5-person team in Roeselare, Belgium, today delivers corporate and personal gifts to 30+ European countries and the UK.

Now is the time to contact GiftsforEurope B2B specialists for corporate Christmas gifts for employees, clients, and colleagues in Europe.

Bridging the Distance

Founder and current General Manager Benny Sintobin was inspired to launch the website while earning his MBA from Kenan-Flagler in 1995. Mr. Sintobin discovered that it was very difficult to ship gifts home to Belgium for special occasions.

“Bridging the feeling of distance when a good friend, relative, or business partner lives on another continent – that was the starting premise of,” he explained.

The Belgian-based website soon discovered that demand for gift delivery to Europe was highest from the US. GiftsforEurope initially delivered to Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, but quickly adapted to meet requests for delivery across Europe. Germany (23%) and France are the largest delivery destinations.

Corporate Gifting Made Easy from the US to Europe

Today, corporate orders are 54% of the business. The B2B team has the capacity to tackle very large and unique requests from corporate clients, including an annual cheese tasting event in over 15 countries for 5,000 people on the same day.

Key Facts: 

  • Ship tens of thousands gifts annually
  • 57% of sales are from outside the EU (38% USA, 19% UK)
  • Sells world-renowned brands like Veuve Clicquot (1800+ bottles annually) and small local brands.
  • Every gift is still packed by hand in Belgium.

The GiftsforEurope DNA

Bringing people together through the art of gifting has always been the DNA of GiftsforEurope. Relationships have also been built between GiftsforEurope and their superbly loyal clients.

Recalled Sintobin, “One client that comes to mind is a New Yorker with 4 family members in a small village in Italy. Every year for the last 20+ years we sent gifts for him, translated the Christmas note to Italian, and entered his order manually. Each year we wish each other ‘Merry Christmas and good health.’ These things make it special to me.”

Thriving Over the Next 25 Years

Sintobin is confident that GiftsforEurope will continue to grow and thrive over the next 25 years because it offers gifts and services the Internet giants can never match. Avoiding Internet hypes and staying loyal to the company’s core DNA is key. Sustainable packaging and practices are also priorities.

In his final reflection on the success of GiftsforEurope in the next 25 years, Mr. Sintobin concluded, “Gosh…I will be 80 then!”

About GiftsforEurope 

GiftsforEurope is an online gift shop from Belgium with delivery to 30+ European countries and the UK. Specialities include European luxury brands, Champagne, Belgian chocolate, fruit, and fine wine. Since 1998, GiftsforEurope has offered convenient international gifting solutions, particularly for US-based customers needing gift delivery to Europe.

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General Manager

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