Everyone can Connect with Space – Space Venture QOSMOSYS Launches Retail Brand QONN8Q

SINGAPORE, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — QOSMOSYS, a Singapore-based space venture with the aim to contribute to a new business era of peaceful space colonization, is launching their first consumer brand, QONN8Q (pronounced "Connect").

Building upon QOSMOSYS’ capabilities to design, launch and operate multi-mission space vehicles that serve organizations or individuals for commercial or scientific applications, QONN8Q is a first-of-its-kind space venture that now gives anyone and everyone a new way to experience space. With QONN8Q, every customer (a "Qosmonaut") in QONN8Q’s community (the "QosmoSpace") can create, maintain and develop connections with others using space as a proxy.

Through its signature service, QosmoSign, one now has the unique opportunity to immortalize milestones and precious memories through composable messages that will be launched into space, sealed in a time capsule. Each QosmoSign is crafted on a plate of special metal alloy, ensuring a limitless longevity to each message, then encapsulated into a bespoke time capsule. 

The QosmoSign will then be processed by QONN8Q and be set to launch into space onboard a Zeus spacecraft designed by QOSMOSYS. The QosmoSign will be launched using a commercial rocket, like Falcon 9 from SpaceX. 

The first spacecraft is set to be launched in space on 1st June 2022 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. Once it arrives into orbit, the spacecraft with the QosmoSigns will orbit the Earth for 25 years, or for eternity around the Moon.

Consumers can maintain contact with their QosmoSign via QosmoSpace, a personal space experience platform which will not only enable interactions with other Qosmonauts, keep contact with Zeus spacecraft in orbit via a dashboard, and receive messages from QOSMOSYS’ spacecraft operation center, but also manage their own data and QosmoSigns.

As a personal keepsake, consumers will also receive a replica to their QosmoSign that will be delivered to them or their loved one(s) after purchase as a testimony of the choice made to be a Qosmonaut.

To begin their space experience, consumers can now visit www.QONN8Q.com to purchase their own QosmoSign and enjoy exclusive early bird prices starting from USD288 (usual price USD488).

Emphasizing QONN8Q’s mission is co-founder and CEO, François Dubrulle. "The cosmos is where poetry meets science, so it’s a place of deep inspiration, a launchpad for innovation and ultimately, an opportunity to build on humanity’s legacy of space exploration. With QONN8Q, we are closer to our dream of breaking down the barriers that preserved the space experience only for the select few. Now, we can give every citizen of the world a taste of space and connect them with its vastness, hope and potential."

Looking ahead, QONN8Q aims at developing some new functionalities overtime for valuable services for people wherever they are. With virtually an unlimited pallet of services coming up, QONN8Q will revolutionize the way people will look up at the sky, a new frontier everyone must connect with.

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  • Mission of twenty-five years in respect of IADC recommendations whereas our spacecraft can stand +250 years at its designated orbit
  • Spacecraft velocity is 7.59km/s relative to the ground
  • Orbit altitude is 538km
  • Maiden flight scheduled in less than a year


  • No time limit to the mission
  • Distance from Earth is greater than 357’000km
  • Relative speed of the Moon to the Earth is greater than 3’400km/h

SOURCE Qosmosys Pte Ltd

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