ExitLag to Host Fortnite Charity Tournament, ExitLag UNITE

The tournament will bring together global influencers and ExitLag customers who will team up for a $10,000 prize to be awarded to one of four global institutions 

ORLANDO, Fla., June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On June 25, ExitLag, an industry-leading online gaming software company, will host its first-ever Fortnite tournament, ExitLag UNITE, created to bring together gamers from countries across North and South America to experience a unique tournament for charity. The event will feature 25 Fortnite influencers and 75 ExitLag customers who will compete as teams to win a $10,000 prize that the winning team will split among the four team participants and donate to four participating charities.

Fortnite tournaments are typically played on one of eight region-specific servers. The closer a player is to the server, the better their ping and overall gaming experience is. ExitLag UNITE will feature players from various regions which normally would give players in the host server region an advantage. However, this tournament will use ExitLag’s server to reduce ping and level the playing field.  

“We thought of developing a way to unite the useful with the pleasant, including our solution in a Fortnite gymkhana, with the sole objective of helping organizations that seek to help society,” said Pedro Farias, co-creator of ExitLag UNITE.

“In addition, we have a great amount of prize money going to four different nonprofits. This is the first time that we will carry out this action, but we are already looking to the future to continue moving our community,” said Vitor Reis, co-creator of ExitLag UNITE.

Viewers can watch the tournament on ExitLag’s Twitch channel or on a participating influencers’ Twitch stream. For the latest updates on ExitLag UNITE and to register for the tournament, visit exitl.ag/exitlagunite and follow ExitLag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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