Father’s Day as a Target Audience

DENVER, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For most people, Father’s Day is just a day to appreciate Dad and give him a tie. But for the grill manufacturer BBQ Dragon, Dad is actually a perfect "target customer." Manufacturers and brands that sell consumer products use "target audiences" and "target customers" to develop new products, and for BBQ Dragon, Father’s Day celebrates their perfect target customer, and more broadly involves their perfect target audience.

"Father’s Day works well for us because it’s not just a time when men buy grilling accessories," says George Prior, BBQ Dragon’s head of product development, "but more importantly, it’s a day when other people choose a gift for their father. It is this decision process that directs our product development. Customers want something new that Dad doesn’t already have, but also something that stands out as being really innovative and functional. It needs to have a "cool" factor. And that is what we aim for when we develop new products: New, innovative, and cool."

Father’s Day is also one of the busiest holidays of the year for BBQ Dragon, with total sales spiking to 500% of normal weeks in their busy summer season. This explosion of shopping by their target audience makes Father’s Day a great time to launch new products, and this year they have released three new items:

  • The "Chainmail" Grill Brush: If you’re worried about the danger of swallowing a wire bristle from a grill brush, this patent-pending brush uses links of "chainmail," like the chainmail in medieval armor, to clean the grill more safely.
  • The "Double-Extreme" Grill Light: The world’s only double-headed LED grill light, the two super-bright LEDs are mounted on separate goosenecks, so you can light two areas – the grill and your prep surface, for example. Clips anywhere you need bright light.
  • The Chimney of Insanity "XL" version: BBQ Dragon’s popular charcoal chimney works with their BBQ Dragon grill fan to start charcoal in just 2 minutes – and they have just released this "XL" version, which they claim is the largest charcoal chimney in the world.

"We actually design products with Father’s Day in mind," says Prior. "We consider this our main holiday, even more than Fourth of July or Christmas. Because no other holiday so specifically focuses on our exact perfect customer."

The new "Chainmail Grill Brush" solves a serious health danger of grilling: the accidental ingestion of steel bristles from grill cleaning brushes. BBQ Dragon’s patent-pending brush cleans the grill with a woven net of chain links that are both less likely to break free, and less dangerous if accidentally swallowed.

"The reason we think about Father’s Day during product development," says Prior, "is that we want to create grill tools that a customer sees and thinks, ‘That’s awesome, I want to buy that for my dad.’"

Prior thinks the new Chainmail Brush will be their top seller for the holiday. "It’s the best grill brush ever made."

All three of the newly added products are available on Amazon.com and online at major retailers like Target, Home Depot, and Lowes, as well as the company’s website at bbqdragon.com.

BBQ Dragon makes innovative grill tools. The creators of the BBQ Dragon Fan and the 2-minute charcoal Chimney of Insanity, their mission is to create innovative products that inspire customers to excel at BBQ and at life. They believe that good tools inspire good BBQ, and good BBQ inspires good living.

Contact: George Prior
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