FERROFECT® Helps Address Anemia

Synevit’s Supplement Is Designed to Restore Iron Levels Through Safe, Natural, and Effective Doses

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The body uses iron for many functions. Most of this iron is obtained through an individual’s diet. However, when there is a chronic shortage of iron or the body struggles to synthesize it, it can be a problem. This can lead to iron deficiencies and anemia (the under-production of red blood cells, often due to a lack of iron). Three million Americans suffer from anemia, and WHO estimates that the condition globally impacts half a billion women and over a quarter of a billion children under the age of five.

FERROFECT®  was developed by the professional medical staff at SYNEVIT® as more than an iron supplement. The veteran nutraceutical brand’s motto is Technology in Synergy with Nature®, and the rich, multi-faceted FERROFECT® formula includes additional ingredients that aid in the absorption and bioavailability of iron in the body.

“We don’t just produce supplements. We create synergy,” explains George Cvetkovski, founder and CEO of SYNEVIT®. “Our professional staff of doctors and pharmacists help develop and maintain balanced formulas that have a synergistic and cumulative effect. That way, you aren’t just supplementing with a specific ingredient, like iron. You’re also giving your body additional elements that ensure it can absorb, retain, and utilize those ingredients well.”

Along with an organic chelated iron complex, FERROFECT® contains vitamins B12 and C as well as Folate, which aid in the absorption of iron in the body. For example, clinical trials have shown that folate supplementation in concert with iron can have a positive effect on iron uptake in pregnant women (who often suffer from iron deficiencies and anemia).

Zinc and copper are also present to help enhance iron metabolism. These substances help incorporate iron into the hemoglobin complex, a protein critical to distributing oxygen to the body. In addition, FERROFECT® helps with the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This is a molecular energy carrier that captures chemical energy during digestion and delivers it to other cells throughout the body. FERROFECT® even helps with DNA replication, a critical function required for cells to split and grow.

Addressing iron deficiency is important to maintaining health and quality of life. This must go beyond simple iron supplementation. FERROFECT® contains a unique formula of ingredients that ensure the effective and synergistic absorption and utilization of iron in the body.


Launched in 1998 by CEO George Cvetkovski, SYNEVIT® traces its roots to North Macedonia (ex: Yugoslavia). The brand is currently headquartered out of North Macedonia with offices in Serbia and Rochester, New York. SYNEVIT® is an in-house brand of vitamins and minerals with unique, perpetually improved formulas informed by on-staff doctors and pharmacists and designed for therapeutic effect in patients. Learn more at synevit.com.

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