Find the Top Child Resistant Bags at ClearBags Just in Time for 4/20

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn., April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Over 30 Child Resistant bags are now available at, just in time for 4/20.

With a growing audience for cannabinoid products and the need to package them, ClearBags is now providing a wide range of child resistant bag styles and sizes to fit anything from medication, cartridges, pre-rolls and more. Child Resistant bags are not only tamper proof but smell proof and have a low oxygen transmission rate to keep product fresh, and are all compliant with ASTM D3475 child-resistant standards. These bags can be used for individual product packaging or as exit bags for dispensaries.

Child Resistant Stand Up Pouches

Child Resistant Pouches can be ideal for holding smaller items like pills, edibles, medicinal herbs, and more. Pouches offer high barrier protection to keep contents fresh. A pre-printed illustration is provided on the inside of the flap to instruct users how to open the bag. Child resistant pouches can be heat sealed once filled for another level of safety. If you are looking for an eco friendly version, ClearBags also carries eco options for their child resistant pouches.

Child Resistant Hanging Zipper Bags

With an opaque outside to keep your product discreet, Hanging Zipper Barrier Bags with Child Resistant Zippers are perfect for packaging edibles, medication, pre-rolls and more. These high barrier bags are made from food safe PET/VMPET/LLDPE materials and are 4 mil thick to keep scent and moisture to a minimum. The round hang hole makes them ideal for retail environments. These bags can be heat sealed for extra tamper resistant protection.

Child Resistant Single Use Bags

ClearBags also carries single use child resistant bags that can be used for small packs of edibles, a single pre-roll, medication and more. This bag has a high metallized barrier to restrict smells and water vapor from escaping or coming in. The 4 mil material offers the desired heavy-duty thickness and opacity to protect the inner contents of your adult items. Ideal for scented items, this single serve bag is smell proof, has no tear notches and is made with 5 mm seams to ensure it is tamper proof.

Child Resistant Locking Pouches

Child resistant Locking Pouches from ClearBags offer an opaque exterior that keeps contents from view while displaying pre-printed warnings. Features include a push-release locking mechanism and a secured zipper that is difficult for children to open. The matte finish keeps products that resemble candy hidden, limiting the risk of accidental poisoning incidents.

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