Five Pillars of Community Member Organizations Grow with Digital Focus, Principles in Ebook

DALLAS, June 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In this era of transformation, the pull for businesses and member-driven organizations to think digital first grows stronger. The changing world requires leaders in every industry to reassess roles and responsibilities. Going digital doesn’t lessen the importance of communities; in fact, it increases the need for people to feel belonging. Communities are year-long, while events are just a few days.

The new ebook Five Pillars of Community: Connecting Humans for Organizational Growth outlines this imperative. JUNO, a hybrid events and 365 engagement software platform, aims to guide the transformation for communities and present new opportunities for growth with this guide from human connection expert Josh Hotsenpiller.

"A major component to success in this evolving environment is accepting and adapting to the change," says Hotsenpiller, CEO and Founder of JUNO. "Now is not the time to be stagnant or revert to comfortable pre-pandemic mindsets and activities — organizations must embrace this evolution while looking for new ways to define their value in the digital era.

"Introducing the 5 Pillars of Community to your organization, in conjunction with utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) recommendation tools, is imperative in the current and future digital arena. In the fast-changing setting of the workplace, adopting a common mindset builds community and maintains a team-oriented environment as a strong foundation for your organization."

The ebook is available for download at It covers the five pillars:

  • Direction and Desired Outcome
  • Shared Responsibility
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Progress Awareness
  • Ongoing Infrastructure

"In a constantly shifting environment, organizations and their members, employees and followers must be ready to embrace the new digital landscape," Hotsenpiller said. "Adopting the Five Pillars of Community is a great option to set yourself and your organization up for success in the ever-changing digital era and evolutionary workplace environment.

JUNO is a transformational digital experience platform that connects people at events and creates 365-day community ecosystems. JUNO is a service company with software that unlocks the interactive power of communities, removing boundaries and accelerating engagement. Learn more at For details or interviews, contact Dana Freker Doody at
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