Flavored Intimate Wipe Takes Foreplay to a Tasty New Level Sweetums Wipes Launches First All-Natural Wipe with Flavor

CARLSBAD, Calif., July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Americans are starting to emerge from the pandemic and a sexual revolution is happening. With a reduction in social distancing people want to explore their newfound sexual desires once again in a healthy and confident way. Sweetums Wipes is helping lead the way to reconnection and intimacy by launching an intimate wipe with flavor. Sweetums is designed to evoke confidence and elevate sexual connectivity with partners.

Sweetums will help people find their voice, be playful and increase spontaneity in the bedroom. In this day and age, it’s often hard to find time to connect. We are now busier than ever with work and other ‘back to normal’ activities. This can make it difficult for a couples to find time for intimacy. With Sweetums, the on-the-go packaging can be used to quickly cleanse and sweeten your intimate parts, and you are ready to be close.

Sweetums Founder and CEO Dr. Alisa Brady, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with over seventeen years of clinical and business development experience, has seen how this is more easily said than done. In her practice, she has treated numerous individuals with sexual dysfunction and worked to help couples increase their communication around sex and intimacy issues. She continues to use her platform to encourage healthy sex to all genders and sexual orientations and provides a strong voice for sex positivity.  

"As a woman I know I have historically felt shy about verbalizing what I want during intimate times with my partner. Growing up I was taught to be demure and it’s only until later in my life that I began to embrace my sexuality, embrace my body, and express my desires. I developed Sweetums with this in mind. Sweetums can help people find their voice, be playful, and increase fun and excitement in the bedroom," says Dr. Brady. Nowadays, women are becoming more empowered and taking ownership of their sexuality. They are voicing their desires and they do not need to feel ashamed. Men, too, can find that Sweetums will help make foreplay and sex playful and enjoyable for all.

Sweetums is the only cleansing cloth on the market that can help you freshen up and taste good. Sweetums is made with all-natural, pH balanced ingredients that offer a hint of flavor, with no sticky residue. They are safe for anywhere on your body. Use Sweetums to sweeten up your foreplay. Apply directly to your intimate parts for taste below the waist. Discrete packaging for on-the-go spontaneity.

Available in flavors: Pina Colada, Mango and Watermelon, Cherry, Mojito and Cinnamon Bun.

Happy Wipe. Happy Life.

Sweetums is currently available online, and soon to be available at nationwide retailers.

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