Gelpro Brings Ancestral Wisdom to Supplements

The Australian Holistic Health Brand Brings Together Ancestral Wisdom, Modern Science, and Customer Input to Develop Its Products

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gelpro is a leading Australian health and wellness brand with a focus on cultivating inner health, strength, and beauty. The brand started with an innovative form of collagen hydrolysate produced exclusively from Australian and New Zealand bovine hides. Along with this uniquely bioavailable form of protein, Gelpro has expanded its product range over the years to include additional nutraceutical powerhouse supplements, such as raw vitamin C, organ supplements, gelatins, and more.

Throughout this protracted process of product development, the Gelpro team has focused on a few critical standards. They only work with the highest quality ingredients and make their products in Australia whenever possible. Gelpro formulations are backed by research and science, as well. Critically, the brand also adheres to one golden rule: remaining true to each ingredient’s ancestral heritage.

“Our ancestors possessed a deep respect and understanding for the power that nature has for our bodily health,” says Gelpro CEO Nagib Kassis. “We create our products to remind the world that our ancestors had most of the answers. You can use the wonders of nature for your wellness journey.”

Kassis clarifies that stronger pharmaceutical solutions have their place. They can provide life-changing and, at times, even life-saving support. However, in many cases, natural solutions are safer and more effective. “We believe that natural ingredients have a stronger place in the market than synthetics, and none of our formulations use synthetic ingredients, fillers or flowing agents.”

Along with listening to nature’s wisdom, Gelpro’s founders strive to include their customers in the conversation.

“We have many standards and inspirations that help us maintain our elite products,” says Kassis, “But the brand truly flourished when we co-create products with our loyal customers. We actively ask customers to share their experiences. We ask what their needs and wants are. When a customer has guidance or advice, we listen. This process of communicating with customers has allowed us to produce collagen and related products that are specifically formulated for unique customer needs, including sleep, skin, hair, and gut health.”

Gelpro’s unique approach to business brings together ancient ancestral wisdom, cutting-edge data-backed science, and helpful customer input. This has enabled the innovative Aussie brand to maintain an industry-leading degree of quality. It is a powerful standard that health-conscious Americans will soon have access to, as Gelpro is in the process of bringing its popular nutraceuticals from the Land Down Under into the US marketplace in the near future.

About Gelpro Australia
Gelpro Australiaâ„¢ Pty Ltd is a family-run Australian health and wellness company that operates with a holistic approach to health and sustainability at the forefront of its brand philosophy. The company was founded by two brothers-in-law in 2014 after they individually went through their own health challenges and discovered the healing capabilities of natural, high-quality health solutions rooted in ancestral wisdom. Since its inception, Gelpro has become known for its robust line of top-shelf collagens and whole food-based supplements. The brand is recognized as a health and wellness market leader and educator in the Land Down Under. Learn more at

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