Giving the Gift of Quality Supplements This Holiday Season

Half of American Adults Take Vitamins, and Yet Few Are Targeting Their Nutritional Supplementation to Their Unique Bodily Needs

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — According to John Hopkins Medicine, half of all American adults take a multivitamin or another vitamin or mineral supplement consistently. While this appears to reflect a wise and informed pursuit of health for the larger public, often, the habit of taking a daily vitamin doesn’t align with specific health needs.

The team at VemoHerb has resisted this tendency of a generic approach to nutraceutical health by embracing a company philosophy of creating specific, clean, targeted supplements that embody the brand’s mantra of “premium quality for all.” The Bulgarian nutraceutical brand has spent decades creating an elite supplement manufacturing methodology that starts with wild-grown, high-potency herbs from the company’s herb-rich local geography. From there, products are created using a know-how, closed-loop, in-house process that preserves quality and potency at every step, from extraction through to packaging.

Over the years, this has yielded a number of high-quality supplements that typically contain a single ingredient, such as Tribulus Terrestris or Turkesterone. These target specific needs, from boosting immunity to enhancing workouts.

“You can have results or excuses, but not both,” says Vasil Zlatev, co-owner of VemoHerb. “We are committed to results, which is why each of our products only comes from the finest ingredients and targets specific rather than general health needs. They come from natural, food-based sources, and we all know what Hippocrates said about that: ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ Our products use nature’s bounty to provide clean, effective support for each individual’s unique health needs.”

Zlatev adds that the holiday season is a great time to help others learn about high-quality supplements and the results that they can create. “The holidays are a perfect time to invest in the health and wellness not just of ourselves but of our loved ones,” Zlatev says. “Most people are already taking vitamins in some form or another. However, often, they are following a mindless one-multivitamin-a-day schedule and aren’t targeting their nutritional support. Our company enables individuals to give the gift of quality supplements and, consequentially, greater nutrition this holiday season.”

About VemoHerb

VemoHerb is a health and wellness enterprise with over two decades of experience in the supplement industry. Founded in 1999, the family-owned label was established to develop and market innovative herbal extracts and food enzymes. The brand prides itself on its closed-loop production process, which starts with harvesting wild-grown herbs from the Balkan Mountain region, includes cutting-edge active ingredient extraction via the company’s in-house lab, and ends with elite supplements with transparent and informed labels. Learn more at

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