Gomorrah Introduces Fully Compostable Menswear Line

Sustainable Luxury Menswear Brand Makes Clothes The Earth Can Take Bake

NEW YORK, Aug. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gomorrah, a mission-based menswear brand that sells luxury plant-based and compostable clothes, has announced today the launch of their 100 percent compostable menswear line. Gomorrah’s fully compostable collection features 100 percent plant-based, compostable products made with 100 percent certified organic materials.

The collection is starting with two products – the fully compostable T-shirt, which is currently available on their website, and the Lakeside Button-Down, which will be available by Spring 2023. Button-downs use plant-based buttons and the entire collection is vegan-friendly.

"We need new apparel companies with progressive business models to offer better products with more value," said Itzett Romero and Max Sudak, co-founders of Gomorrah. "It’s vital to not place undue stress on the environment in the interest of business and profit. We’re at a point where human activity is the number one driver of planetary change. Traditional garment making is emission heavy and unhealthy for factory workers and their surrounding communities. Clothes are polluting the earth throughout their entire lifecycle, with 50 percent of all plastic microfiber emissions occurring while on the body. So we eat, breathe, and drink our clothes. It’s in our lungs and blood. Additionally, we’re sending plastic back into the ocean during every wash."

Americans purchase close to 70 garments each year. That’s 5x the amount since the 1980s. Meanwhile, we throw out around 80 pounds of clothing during that time. Gomorrah is pioneering a new level of expectation from consumers on how apparel companies operate while educating them on the effects traditional garment making and throw-away culture have on our planet.

Gomorrah is taking eco-friendly fashion a step further by considering what no other brands consider: garment disposal and creating products with the entire lifecycle in mind. They only make clothes that the earth can easily take back. Because the requirement for compostability has a low threshold for toxicity, manufacturing garments that are able to be composted ensures every part of the life cycle of all materials used is 100 percent safe for people and the planet.

Clothes usually aren’t compostable, even if they’re made with 100 percent natural fibers or are 100 percent organic. The thread, buttons, and labels are typically made with or completely out of synthetics and use toxic dyes. Gomorrah sources high-end, plant-based goods that are completely safe from a human-ecological standpoint and can go directly into a compost bin after years of use. Everything including thread, labels, and buttons sprouts up from the earth and gets dipped in low-impact, non-toxic dyes.

Gomorrah encourages the customer to compost these garments after many, many years of wear. The idea is to live in your clothes, repair them, and grow in them, not toss them aside for the next trend. This is why Gomorrah makes timeless, minimalistic, near-seasonless garments that won’t go out of style and focuses on the longevity piece when making decisions around materials and construction.

"Gomorrah is working to solve for post-consumer textile waste and the stress Americans are placing on other countries as a result of our consumption habits," said the co-founders. "The answer isn’t to stop purchasing clothes and put millions of people out of work, but to disrupt an industry, surface a model, and have consumers make demands of other brands through the power of their dollars after they see that the model works – and that it even works in the luxury apparel space."

Gomorrah was founded in 2020 in New York City and is a self-funded, ethically sourced menswear brand, a member of 1% for the Planet, and a partner of One Tree Planted. A percentage of every unit sold is earmarked for US reforestation efforts.

To learn more about the brand and purchase the compostable T-shirt, visit www.gomorrahnyc.com.

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