Groundbreaking New Book by Prolific Author Bo Bennett: A Deep Dive into AI-Driven Business Marketing – Written by AI

BOSTON, June 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Bo Bennett, founder of and acclaimed author of over a dozen books, including the bestseller “Logically Fallacious,” announced the release of his latest book “Artificial Intelligence, Real Profits: Mastering ChatGPT-4 for Business Marketing.” Notably, this book is a testament to the revolutionary power of AI, as Bennett wrote it almost exclusively with artificial intelligence, even crafting the marketing materials and the audiobook in his voice using AI technology.

Bennett’s background spans programming and technology, and he holds a PhD in Social Psychology. His diverse background and deep understanding of technology, human behavior, and self-publishing have uniquely positioned him to explore AI’s potential to transform business marketing. Bennett has used AI for various aspects of writing and marketing his new book, including creating the book description, keywords, selecting the categories, and even writing this press release.

“Artificial Intelligence, Real Profits” is a comprehensive guide designed to demystify AI-driven business marketing, providing actionable techniques and real-life examples. It aims to help entrepreneurs and marketers leverage the power of AI to maximize their profits and success. It’s not just about AI but about leveraging AI in a way that augments human creativity and productivity, as Bennett has demonstrated in creating this book.

Bennett demonstrates how AI can be a powerful tool, even transforming the publishing industry more profoundly than the internet has. “AI is going to change the publishing industry more than the Internet has. Mark my words,” said Bennett.

In this groundbreaking book, Bennett employed AI to assist in creating the topics and, through carefully crafted prompts, got the AI to write the book he envisioned. This innovative approach makes “Artificial Intelligence, Real Profits” stand out among other books in the field. “As an industry professional and a prolific author, it not only blows my mind that I created this book, all marketing materials, and audiobook (in my own voice) in about 8 hours, but that with the help of AI, this is probably better than anything I have written on my own,” Bennett added. “After all, who is more qualified to write about AI than AI?”

Bennett’s primary goal with this release is not just to sell more books, but to raise awareness about AI’s transformative potential in the publishing industry and to inspire other authors to explore the possibilities. He encourages readers to read the book and the media to contact him for interviews.

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About Bo Bennett: Bo Bennett is the founder of, a business that has been helping self-published authors for over a decade. He is also an author of over a dozen books, including the bestseller “Logically Fallacious.” His latest book, “Artificial Intelligence, Real Profits: Mastering ChatGPT-4 for Business Marketing,” explores the revolutionary potential of AI in business marketing and the publishing industry.