HairyGrabster® Debuts on Shark Tank, Exposing the Gross Truth About Shedding Hair Stuck on Shower Walls

ORLAND PARK, Ill., April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — First-time inventors of the HairyGrabster® sought to grab the attention of Shark Tank fans last week. The HairyGrabster® is a plastic pad that mounts onto the shower wall and its soft bristles make for an easy method to swipe off a hand full of shedding wet hair and trap it into place. Only the members of the ‘shower hair shredders club’ gets it.

For the inventors Patty and Andy Watne, the idea of the HairyGrabster® was sparked by both their concern and disgust of how their teenage daughter’s hair decorated the shower wall. The couple learned this is one of several issues that plague people who experience hair loss, and most commonly occurs among women with longer hair and when hormonal changes are present. A 2019 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology shows 40 percent of women experience excessive hair shedding during a shampoo.

The HairyGrabster® does what shower drain catchers fail to do: eliminate the unsightly display of hair strands on the shower wall that is a challenge to clean; and help reduce the amount of hair that reaches the shower floor and drain to begin with.

The Sharks passed on the opportunity. At the time of the show’s September 2020 taping, the Watnes had only sold 1,000 units overall, including 60 units through their e-commerce site. The couple put most of their savings into product and packaging development, so they sought the Sharks investment in marketing of the product.

The couple is grateful the producers of Shark Tank recognized the innovation would be an attention-grabber for the show. Immediately after the show’s airing more than 2,000 units sold on Amazon.

“My PR strategy was to create a quirky brand name to spark the kind of buzz factor needed to reach this niche market of people who secretly struggle with this hairy shower issue and feel it is a bit gross,” says Patty Watne, inventor of the HairyGrabster®. “I believe there is a market in search of a cleaner convenience, and includes spouses, partners, family members and roommates who share this hairy shower space.”

“My wife Patty is adored by her friends for her clever sense of humor,” adds Andy Watne. “She intuitively believed that naming the product something generic like ‘shower wall hair catcher’ would’ve gone unnoticed so it’s great how Mark Cuban recognized her brilliance on the show.”

HairyGrabster® retails at $9.95 for a single pack on Amazon and, and at It is recommended to replace the product every 4 to 6 months.

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