Hello Gloss Snares Monster Sponsorships for Its $25,000 Halloween Makeup Challenge

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Hello Gloss Creators is a fast-growing globally diverse community of nano and micro beauty influencers that is literally challenging the way brands think about working with smaller creators. Hello Gloss founder, Alex Avritch, came up with the idea of using makeup challenges to organically grow her community’s membership, and quickly found that brands were eager to join in on the fun. She notes, "It’s difficult for brands to work with creators one-on-one at scale, yet here, we’re doing exactly that. And we have fantastic reach and fan-out with a truly engaged audience."

Avritch’s first big break on landing a monster-sized sponsor came when she connected with Gold Media Agency CEO, Damian Mil, to bring Monster Energy in on her upcoming "When I’m Bad, I’m Better" Halloween challenge. Although Mil is quick to point out that brand deals often take several weeks to put together, he believed he had a compelling story to motivate the brand to make a quick decision. Mil states, "I was confident that once I explained to Monster that this lively community of a few thousand influencers could potentially reach millions of consumers in a key demographic, they would immediately see the opportunity." And that’s exactly what happened.

"This partnership with Monster Energy goes way beyond simple Halloween word play," explains Avritch. "It’s proof our model for harnessing the enthusiasm of smaller influencers at scale truly resonates with big brands. And this is exactly where Hello Gloss is focusing its core energy."

But what’s the attraction of makeup challenges? "Creators were already doing them all over Instagram, YouTube and TikTok for years," according to Avritch. "It’s how they showcase their work and engage with their followers. It’s not about an actual competition, it’s just plain fun. Moreover, they’re rarely organized with anything beyond random hashtags. Nobody owns this space." And that was the opportunity Avritch decided to go after.

For the Halloween challenge, Avritch says she’s now lined up cash and prize sponsorships from a variety of partners totaling over $25,000, and the submissions are coming in fast. The contest is open to everyone worldwide on TikTok and Instagram. Visit the website to enter.

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